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Summer Bridge Program (SBP)

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Applications for the 2020 Summer Bridge Program will be accepted via email to Image, screenshots, and scanned copies of the application will all be accepted. Questions can be directed to


YoUR Bridge To Success

Are you looking to enhance your academic skills before you start your fall semester at the University of Regina? Would you like to gain exposure to what life on campus is like? Then the University of Regina Summer Bridge Program (SBP) is for you! The SBP is an opportunity to strengthen academic skills, engage in social activities with other students to form a peer network and get familiarized with the University of Regina and all of its faculties and resources.

We invite all students who are accepted for Fall 2020, who would like a head start on an introductory university course. This program offers students the opportunity to complete ENGL 100 in a supportive structured environment. Completing this course in advance can help reduce one’s course load in the fall, where one can enroll in four courses rather than five.

In addition to ENGL 100, we also provide skill building workshops, including topics such as reading strategies, note taking, time management, and study skills. Participating in these interactive workshops helps students overcome common challenges that many first year students face. The curriculum is complemented with local social activities, where students participate in group outings that facilitate fun, laughter and getting to know Regina.

This program is a unique 3-week program to meet our great instructors and staff, other new students and benefit from getting a head start on your degree. There is an option for students to live on campus for the month of August and enjoy on-campus activities. This program qualifies for Student Loans if needed, to assist in covering tuition, textbooks and room and board. Apply now to enroll in the program and receive all the benefits that we offer!

The Basics:

  1. Orientation for the SBP is on July 8, 2020.
    • It is strongly encouraged that all participants attend; however, attendance to the orientation is not mandatory.
    • There will be another orientation on the first day of classes for students who were not able to attend the first orientation.
    • Information that will be covered includes: understanding the different program components, meet your instructors, get a campus tour, syllabus, reading list, and learning specific academic strategies to prepare you for the pre-work required before class starts.
  2. Days are divided into two: where the Summer Bridge Programming occurs for half the day and ENGL 100 occurs for the other half of the day.
  3. ENGL 100 commences August 4, 2020.
    • Please note: the SBP runs from July 8 to August 27, 2020. However, ENGL 100 and SBP classes are only from August 4-27, 2020
    • From July 9-Aug 3, students are required to complete the 'pre-work' for ENGL 100, which involves completing all the ENGL 100 readings.
  4. Components include:
  • Summer Bridge Programming - our programming helps you develop academic skills and prepare for university. It is not specific to ENGL 100 content.
    • Tentative topics include:
      • Academic writing, academic integrity, academic communication, university expectations and policies, note taking, exam preparation, time management, study plans, procrastination, and stress management.
  • English 100 - accepted for 3.0 hours of credit towards all U of R programs. Pre-reading will be required.
  • Social activities - to help you meet other students and explore the university and the city of Regina.
    • Tentative social activities may include:
      • Guided tours of campus, movie nights, bowling, laser tag, Get Air Trampoline Park, cooking nights, and social events offered during the month of August.
  • The option to experience university life in the U of R Residences.

  • Students who are not from Regina will have the opportunity to participate in a social activity to meet other students and become familiar with the city.

Need More Information? Contact us:
Student Success Centre
Riddell Centre Room 230