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Preparing for a Session

Start Early!

You may bring in outlines, drafts, and partial papers - or come in before you've started writing to discuss with a tutor how you might approach an assignment. It's best to see a tutor well before an assignment is due. Then you have time to practice the strategies that your tutor suggests.

Tailor the Session to Fit Your Needs

Prepare Questions

Think about what writing issues you would most like to discuss with a tutor. This way, you can be sure to get the most out of the tutor's response. Questions that you ask a tutor could include:

  • How can I develop an interesting and challenging research question?
  • How do I introduce new facts?
  • Teachers say my papers are choppy - the pieces don't fit together. How can I make them flow?
  • I don't understand references and citations. Help!
  • How can I proofread my writing more efficiently?

Tips for Tutorials

  • Think carefully about the assignment. Does your draft satisfy the requirements of the assignment? You might list some characteristics your paper should have in order to meet the goals of the assignment.
  • Mark sections of your draft you would like to concentrate on.
  • Think about comments and suggestions that have been made on your other papers. These comments may give you ideas about what to discuss with a tutor.