Preparing for a Session

Start Early!

You may bring in outlines, drafts, or your assignment sheets and questions. It's best to see a tutor well before an assignment is due: this way, you have time to impliment their suggestions and think about how you might make your paper better.  

Tailor the Session to Fit Your Needs

Prepare Questions

Think about what writing issues you are having, or where you need the most help. This way, you can be sure to get the most out of the tutor's response. Questions that you ask a tutor could include:

  • How can I make sure my paper is flowing well from point to point?
  • How do I introduce new facts?
  • How do I cite my sources so that I'm not plagiarizing?
  • How do I develop the thesis statement my professors are expecting?
  • How can I revise and edit my papers myself?

Tips for Tutorials

  • Bring your assignment with you so the tutor knows how best to help you.
  • Identify specific things you'd like the tutor to focus on
  • Think about comments and suggestions that have been made on your other papers: what do you need help implimenting?