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Online Resources

Several departments at the University of Regina offer online resources to help students struggling with their essays and other writing assignments. There are also some excellent community resources available for students who are learning English as an Additional Language. Check out our resources below!

  • The Archer Library has a new resource called SPARK (Student Papers and Academic Research Kit) designed to talk students through most aspects of writing a research paper, including time management strategies. Access SPARK here.

  • The Student Success Centre has handouts that help with essay writing, citation styles, and more. To access those resources, visit the Student Success Online Resource Page.

  • For students enrolled in English 100, the Department of English offers a style sheet for students who need assistance writing essays for English 100. 

  • The Regina Public Library offers some resources for those who are studying English as an Additional Language. You can see a list of their workshops on their programs page.

  • The Online Writing Lab (OWL) at Purdue University is an excellent resource for students working on many kinds of writing assignments, and has excellent citation help. Visit them here.

  • For additional writing help, including with some assignments that might be specific to your needs, visit the Writing Centre at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.