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Online Workshops

We have workshops available through UR Courses as well as writing workshops available on YouTube.

Workshops Available on UR Courses

Many of our workshops are available on UR Courses so you can complete them at your own pace. Register for the workshops through UR Self-Service using the CRNs listed by selecting term Fall 2020 Non Credit. You will then be able to access the online workshops through UR Courses within 24 hours.  Please note: you will not be able to access these workshops until the first day of the fall semester, which is September 2nd. 

Conquering yoUR First Semester - CRN 35077

Starting university can be both exciting and overwhelming.  Students anticipate that this learning experience is going to differ from the high school experience, but find it difficult to navigate their way through these changes or even know what changes to expect.

Effective Note-taking - CRN 35078

Learning to take effective notes is a critical skill for academic success in university.  If you are struggling to keep up with the pace of the lecture, or find that you are missing important information in your notes when it comes time to study, then be sure to attend this workshop!   

Time Management - CRN 35080

Do you feel like you are juggling your way through life?  Constantly trying to get ahead or survive the next deadline?  Effective time management habits are essential for success at university and beyond.  In this workshop, you will explore a variety of time management practices to help you be more efficient and maximize your available time.   

Study Skills - CRN 35079

Learning in a university setting can often be challenging.  Adapting from the very structured environment of the high school classroom, to the new university environment where you are responsible for your own learning and must be self-disciplined, can be a big adjustment.  Your study skills from high school form the foundation upon which you will need to build new learning strategies in order to find academic success.  Let us help you learn how to assess your study skills and adapt them to this new educational environment.

Writing Workshops on YouTube

Our four writing workshops - Pre-Writing, Writing, Research, and Style - are available to watch on YouTube.

Writing Workshops