Future Course Planning

Below are the courses that we plan to offer over the next terms. Please be aware that we will try our best to keep to this schedule but we may need to change it to match student demand and available teaching resources. Please contact the department if you have any questions.

Last Update: July 18, 2022



Fall 22

Winter 23

Spring 23

100 World Regional Geography
120 Human Geography
121 Physical Geography
200 Intro to Environmental Studies
203 Intro to GIS
207 Basics of Map & Airphoto Interpretation
210 Canada
218 United States of America
222 Global Economies, Local Lives
232 Geography of Recreation and Tourism
246 Urban Geography
303 GIS and Science
307 Digital Cartography
309 Intro to Remote Sensing in Geography
316 Geography of the Third World
321 Meteorology
323 Geomorphology
325 Biogeography
326 Environment and Resource Management
327 Hydrology
329 Soil Geography
330 Political Geography
333 Natural Hazards
336 Cultural Geography
338 Geographies of Identities and Power
346 Urban Planning
396AI Mining and Extraction
396AM Climate Change Policy
396AN The Place of Craft Beer
396AT (De)constructing Berlin
400 Environmental Impact Assessment
409 Advanced Spatial Analysis & Visualization
411 Field Techniques
421 Climate & Meteorology
423 Advanced Geomorphology
429 Glacial Geomorphology
431 Climate Change Impacts