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Samantha Kerr

Assistant Professor
PhD (University of Regina)

Office: CL 325.2
Phone: 306-585-4242
Pronoun(s): she/her

Research interests

  • Paleoclimatology
  • paleo-proxies
  • hydroclimatic variability
  • environmental modelling
  • geographic information systems

Current Publications

Kerr, S.A., Andreichuk, Y., and Sauchyn, D.J. (2021) Warm and Cool Season Reconstruction and Assessment of the Long-term Hydroclimatic Variability of the Canadian Prairie Provinces through the Development of the Canadian Prairies Paleo Drought Atlas (CPPDA). International Journal of Climatology, 1:22: DOI: 10.1002/joc.7034

Kerr, S.A., Andreichuk, Y., Christoffel, S., and Sauchyn, D.J. (In Review) A Comparison among Tree-ring Reconstructed Warm and Cool Season Streamflow (1400-2018) and RCM Simulated Historical and Projected Runoff, North and South Saskatchewan River Sub-basins, Western Canada.” Canadian Water Resources Journal.

Kerr, S.A., Andreichuk, Y., and Sauchyn, D.J. (2019). Re-Evaluating the Climate Factor in Agricultural Land Assessment in a Changing Climate – Saskatchewan, Canada. Land, 8(49):

Lopez, E.L., Kerr, S.A., Sauchyn, D.J., and Vanderwel, M.C. (2019). Variation in tree growth sensitivity to moisture across a water-limited landscape. Dendrochronologia, 54: 87-96.

Sauchyn, D. and Kerr, S. (2016). Drought from a Paleoclimatic Perspective, Chapter 2 in: Harry Diaz, Margot Hurlbert, James Warren (Editors), Vulnerability and Adaptation to Drought: The Canadian Prairies and South America, University of Calgary Press, 387 pp.