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Julia Siemer

Acting Department Head; Associate Professor; Coordinator, BGISc program
PhD (Potsdam)

Office: CL 329
Phone: 306-585-4405

Research interests

  • Thematic cartography
  • visualization in geographic information systems
  • atlas cartography

Louis Awanyo

Professor (Luther College)
PhD (Queen's)

Office: Luther College 224
Phone: 306-585-5042

Research interests

  • Development geography
  • Africa
  • political ecology
  • agrobiodiversity and agrodiversity
  • geopolitics
  • geography of housing
  • geography of tourism
  • ecotourism

Mark Cote

Instructor III
MSc (Regina)

Office: CL 325.3
Phone: 306-585-4879

Current classes
Spring/Summer 2022 - GES 100

Research interests

  • Atmospheric science (meteorology and climatology)
  • solar radiation
  • environmental science

Emily Eaton

Associate Professor
PhD (University of Toronto)

Office: CL 340.2
Phone: 306-585-4034
Pronoun(s): She/her

Current classes
Spring/Summer 2022 - GES 120

Research interests

  • Fossil fuels
  • just energy transitions
  • natural resource economies
  • political ecology and economy

Ulrike Hardenbicker

Associate Professor; Coordinator, Environmental Studies Program (On Sabattical)
PhD (Bonn)

Office: CL 325.1
Phone: 306-585-4679

Research interests

  • Badland erosion
  • slope stability
  • geomorphic hazards
  • land degradation

Samantha Kerr

Assistant Professor
PhD (University of Regina)

Office: CL 325.2
Phone: 306-585-4242
Pronoun(s): she/her

Research interests

  • Paleoclimatology
  • paleo-proxies
  • hydroclimatic variability
  • environmental modelling
  • geographic information systems

Vanessa Mathews

Associate Professor
PhD (University of Toronto)

Office: CL 339
Phone: 306-585-5329

Research interests

  • Craft beer
  • building reuse
  • heritage
  • urban space
  • urban planning
  • gentrification
  • embodied practice

Joseph Piwowar

Professor (On leave)
PhD (Waterloo)

Office: CL 411
Phone: 306-585-5273

Research interests

  • Remote sensing
  • geographic information systems
  • climate change impacts
  • northern mixed-grass prairie
  • Arctic sea ice

David Sauchyn

Professor; Director, Prairie Adaptation Research Collaborative
PhD (Waterloo)

Office: Second floor - 2 Research Drive, PARC (Prairie Adaptation Research Collaborative)
Phone: 306-337-2299

Research interests

  • Hydroclimate of the past millennium
  • response of watersheds to climate variability and change
  • translation of climate change science for adaption decision making.


Mari-Louise Terblanche

Administrative Assistant

Office: CL 340
Phone: 306-585-4222