Master of Arts in Justice Studies

Welcome to the Department of Justice Studies graduate studies web page. The MA in Justice Studies offers a grounding in theoretical issues and methodological approaches to various aspects of justice including legal, criminal, restorative, and social justice. This is an interdisciplinary degree that draws on a range of university resources to individualize students' programs and to explore justice from a range of perspectives.

Research opportunities are available in the following areas:

  • Social contexts of crime;
  • Critical analysis of judicial processes, correctional and restorative justice programs, and victims' services;
  • Social justice issues related to economic equality, gender equality, ethno-cultural identity, and various aspects of inequality and injustice;
  • Global justice, human rights, social development, international development, alternative models of globalization, and the role of local, national and global social movements.

Degree Requirements

The MA program consists of a minimum of 4 classes (12 credit hours) and the preparation of a suitable thesis (18 credit hours). (Please see all of the course descriptions at the end of this document). At least two of the courses must be Justice Studies’ graduate courses. A Thesis is supervised by a student's graduate committee and his or her Thesis Supervisor that is assigned at the time of admission.

Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance is available to qualified students. Students can apply for Scholarships, Teaching Assistantships, Research Assistantships and other awards offered by the Department of Justice Studies or the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research. Eligibility requirements and application deadlines can be found at

Application Procedures

All information regarding graduate study at the University of Regina including application forms and admission requirements can be found at the Faculty of Graduate Studies & Research web site Students should familiarize themselves with the information provided there. The site provides the most current information on graduate study including policies, fees, scholarships, admission and registration.

Assessment of Applications

The Department of Justice Studies considers all of the following in assessing potential graduate students and in making recommendations for acceptance to the Faculty of Graduate Studies & Research.

  • ability to conceptualize justice
  • readiness to undertake graduate work and complete the degree successfully
  • ability to undertake research and prepare a thesis with an in-depth analysis of aspects of justice or policing
  • relevant combinations of academic and/or professional experience
  • our ability to provide appropriate coursework and thesis supervision

Students who do not have sufficient background may be eligible for admission as qualifying students. Application deadline: The Department accepts applications only once during the year. Applications must be received by January 15.