Entrepreneurial Collision Space

The Hill and Levene Entrepreneurial Collision Space is an inspirational space to generate entrepreneurial spirit and action across campus and in the community. As a hub designed to spark student collaboration, it encourages the exchange of ideas and empowers students to turn their entrepreneurial visions into reality.


Location, Features and Amenities

Located on the 6th floor of the Education Building, the room can seat up to 22 people (12 around the boardroom table), with enough space for group activities and brainstorming sessions. Students are welcome to use space amenities which include a fridge, microwave, and sink. A TV display, computer, phone charging station, and videoconferencing technology are also available.

Students in the Collision Space.


Book the Entrepreneurial Collision Space


The Entrepreneurial Collision Space can be booked by all registered University of Regina students. 

Students may book the Entrepreneurial Collision Space for the following activities:

Collision Space booking options. Enactus Meeting, Identifying Business Opportunities, Business Plan Development, Pitch Development and Practice, or Other.

Visit the link below to submit your booking request, and the Collision Space Coordinator will get back to you shortly.

 ECS - submit form - button 3



Innovation Challenge


The Innovation Challenge is a 24-hour student event that gives University of Regina students the opportunity to work on interdisciplinary teams to develop viable solutions to real wicked problems. Teams will have a designated space on campus for 24 hours to brainstorm, research, and propose their solutions to a panel of judges, with the top three teams taking home scholarships.

The Innovation Challenge is open to all undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Regina. Friends and family of the participants, as well as other students, are welcome to come and watch the final presentations.

DATE: September 22-23, 2023

Read about it HERE.


Fail UP

Want to be an entrepreneur?

Fail UP is a non-credit program with the goal of helping participants overcome the stigma associated with failure and celebrate it as an essential part in the entrepreneurial process.

Open to University of Regina students of all levels and focus of study, the program features 7 in-person sessions in which participants learn from and connect with business leaders in our community. Each guest is invited to share a story of their biggest business 'failure' and what they learned from it. Students have an opportunity to ask tough questions, learn from each other, and earn the Learning from Entrepreneurial Failure Digital Badge.

DATE: October 6-December 1, 2023

Learn more HERE.




If you have questions about booking the space, getting connected to the business community, or participating in any of our programs, please email entrepreneurial.collision.spaceHL@uregina.ca