Welcome to the Paul J. Hill School of Business

We offer Saskatchewan’s finest undergraduate business program. We have built a formidable reputation for excellence in student achievement. Our graduates’ ability to think across all business functions is unparalleled, and we are highly regarded for our student-led community services and charitable activities. We promote experiential as well as academic learning, and we encourage all of our students to enhance their education by taking advantage of numerous opportunities.

Our faculty and staff are proud to boast a genuine mosaic of character, personality, knowledge, perspective and culture. Our team is committed to the exchange of knowledge and expertise across a wide array of interests. Our unique and experienced faculty are consistently rejecting the norm, challenging assumptions and cultivating an atmosphere to expand your horizons. Our faculty draws upon their rich and varied research to create a one-of-a-kind learning experience with impact.

We encourage all of our students to enhance their education by presenting a number of experiential opportunities that allow students to translate theoretical knowledge into practical application. We do our very best to inspire our students to get the most out of their experience here at the Paul J. Hill School of Business.

The school itself is named after prominent businessperson Paul J. Hill, who has demonstrated his personal commitment through a generous financial gift and through his ongoing contribution to the School’s activities. The Hill School of Business also enjoys a unique and strategic partnership with the Richard Ivey School of Business at the University of Western Ontario.