Major in Accounting

The Faculty of Business Administration is well known for its strong accounting program and the high quality of its accounting graduates. The faculty offers a full array of accounting courses to prepare students for a successful accounting career.

ACCOUNTING Major (9 courses):


BUS 285   Introduction to Financial Accounting


BUS 288   Introduction to Managerial Accounting


BUS 384   Introduction to Taxation for Business Decisions


BUS 385   Intermediate Financial Accounting I


BUS 386   Auditing Theory and Application


BUS 387   Intermediate Financial Accounting II


BUS 388   Cost Accounting

Choose 2

BUS 484   Advanced Taxation

BUS 485   Advanced Financial Accounting

BUS 487   Accounting Theory

BUS 488   Advanced Managerial Accounting

BUS 489AA   Financial Accounting Cases

To graduate with our accounting major, students must complete all of the 200 and 300 level courses and any two of the 400 level classes as shown in the table above; however, students pursuing an accounting career are encouraged to complete all of our accounting courses as part of their BBA program.

Students wishing to pursue a professional accounting designation (CPA – Chartered Professional Accountant) should be aware that meeting the requirements of an accounting major will not necessarily ensure that the entry requirements for the CPA program have been met. Students should seek advice during their BBA program from CPA Saskatchewan – for further information.