Certificate in International Business


The world economy has fundamentally shifted in just the past couple of decades. The volume of goods, services, and investment crossing borders has increased significantly. At the same time, technology has made old barriers to cross-border business such as distances, languages, time zones, cultures, and business norms increasingly irrelevant. We enthusiastically study globalization with our Certificate in International Business (IB).

Who It's For
International business is not just for people who want to spend their careers traveling and working in other cultures. Familiarity with the international business environment has become a required skill for all successful participants in today’s economy.

The IB Certificate allows Hill business students taking traditional majors to broaden their horizons and differentiate themselves OR students from other Faculties to supplement their technical expertise with foundational business knowledge.

What It Looks Like
The IB Certificate examines core business functions in the international context. You will also dive into the political, economic, socio-cultural, technological and environmental forces that shape the global business environment.

Certificate in International Business (5 courses*)
Required BUS 100  Introduction to Business 
Required BUS 308  International Business
Choose 3 courses:

* Prerequisites for all 200, 300 and 400 level courses must be met

Note: students are not permitted to obtain both a Major in International Business and a Certificate in International Business

Students who take the IB Certificate can also apply for the International Designation when they graduate IF they have had an "international experience" after being admitted to the U of R (ie: gone on an exchange or study abroad trip) and have taken BUS 308. Click here to learn more.


Students planning to pursue this certificate must contact their academic advisor to discuss requirements and will need to complete the application for undergraduate concurrent programs.