Prospective Students


Why Business?

A business degree today is much more diverse than most would think and is capable of being applied to almost any industry. Business covers a wide range of subjects, and there is an increasing demand for business majors in everything from the tech industry to government. A business degree will place any business student in a great position for an exciting career in their field of interest.

A graduate with a business degree is crucial to any organization. Managers and accountants will always be a vital part of industry, and there are always careers available in marketing and human resources (to name just a few). Employers’ expectations are also rising. Not only will a business degree open up many entry-level jobs upon graduation, it will also maintain the option for you to specialize with a graduate degree for career-advancement.

A business degree is so flexible that it can take you anywhere your heart may desire. From finance to fashion and everything in between, a career in your chosen field is made possible with a business degree, because almost every industry is founded on the principles of business.

Choose a degree in business and unlock countless opportunities.  Find out what Programs the Hill School offers here.

Why the Paul J. Hill School of Business?

We offer Saskatchewan the finest of undergraduate study programs, but we also believe there’s far more to the university experience than what you learn in a classroom. We are highly regarded for our student-led community services and charitable activities, and we have built a formidable reputation for excellence because of our experiential approach to learning and our active student body.

A few Hill Advantages Include:

1. Ideal class sizes - Smaller class sizes provide a great opportunity for discussion, interaction and personalized learning. It allows our students the opportunity to get to know each other and their professors and makes for a comfortable learning environment.

2. Broad base of knowledge - We offer a large selection of core classes to give our students comprehensive knowledge of business. Students discover all functional areas of business and have the opportunity to major in a particular discipline of their choice.

3. Modern Facilities - Our facilities include lecture theatres, case rooms, computer labs, student society offices and study spaces for clean and comfortable learning environments. We also have a LaBBR Lab, a state-of-the-art human research lab.

4. Affordable & Safe Living - There are five residences on campus to provide various types of accommodations and meal plans. In addition, affordable rental housing is located just steps from the campus as well as throughout Regina.

5. Student Life - There are many opportunities available for Business students to get involved within the faculty, university and the community. There are many events organized by the Business Students' Society, which you are encouraged to participate in. Check out the Hill Business Students' Society for more on our students’ activities.