Levene Graduate Students Association

Levene Graduate Students Association

 The Levene Graduate Students Association (LGSA) serves all students in the Kenneth Levene Graduate School of Business by providing increased opportunities for students to:

  • Network with other students, business professionals and leaders in our community;
  • Attend professional development opportunities, such as conferences and MBA case competitions; and,
  • Have fun at social events and faculty-student gatherings.

 The 2017-18 LGSA Executive is comprised of five members within varying graduate degree programs. The LGSA Executive looks forward to continuing to build programming that is beneficial to our membership.

President: Khaleel Soomro
Vice President: Anusha Subramanian
Treasurer: Kalyan Venkta
Secretary: Meenakshi Kathiar
EMBA Representative: Gabriel Araba
Vacant Positions
MBA Representative
GBUS Representative

As a student member, your input is valuable to us. If there are ways you would like to get involved, or if you would like to share ideas for networking or social events – please let us know! Email the LGSA executive at Levene.Grad.BSS@uregina.ca.