Levene Master of Business Administration (Levene MBA)

Why a Levene MBA?

The Levene MBA will ensure your success. Courses are firmly focused on advancing technical expertise and tactical integration with higher level strategy. We will help you see beyond small detail towards the BIG picture.

Through integrated learning techniques, the Levene MBA program prepares you to become a change leader in your industry. The Levene GSB provides multiple sources of knowledge, including our own faculty, fellow business scholars, alumni and various others who will further guide you into local and global communities.

Don’t fall behind the rest; attain your highest expectations. We at Levene GSB challenge you to rise to the occasion. We provide you with real world experience that nets real world results. 

Experience the Levene MBA Advantages

    • Systematic understanding of core business functions
    • Strategic techniques for achieving results
    • Comprehensive approach to assessing situations and formulating solutions
    • Capacity to lead cross-functional and corporate projects
    • Life-changing International Study Tour

Who It's For

The Levene MBA is ideal if you are on a trajectory towards mid-career management. It’s for career professionals who are interested in deep levels of learning. It’s for those interested in creating tangible impacts in business and the world.

Successful applicants must have:

    • A four-year undergraduate degree with a GPA of at least 70%
    • At least three years of work experience
    • A minimum GMAT score of 500

See our Admission Information for additional details.

What It Looks Like

The Levene MBA is a 33 credit hour program intended to be taken full or part-time. To suit your needs, it is offered primarily through evening, online or one-week intensive delivery.

The Levene MBA consists of six core courses:

  • Business Policy & Strategy
  • Social Issues in Business
  • Managing Change
  • Managing Information, Analytics and Decision-making
  • Integrative Practicum
  • International Study Tour

In addition to your six core classes, you are able to choose four electives or specialization courses.

* For admission into the Levene MBA program, applicants must complete the Post-Graduate Diploma in Business Foundations.
** Applicants with an undergraduate degree in business can "Fast Track" directly into the Levene MBA without taking the Post-Grad Diploma.

Please see the Program Outline for more details.

We also offer three Specializations to enhance your Levene MBA

Should you choose to move into one of the Specializations, the four electives mentioned above are strategically selected for you to enhance your knowledge in the specific area of study.

  1. MBA in Public Safety Management is a unique program combining the fundamentals of business management with the theory and practice of strategically leading organizations tasked with public safety.
  2. MBA in Engineering Management is perfect for you if you are working in management of physical assets.
  3. MBA in International Business gives you the business acumen to compete globally and interact effectively with foreign cultures.

International Study Tour

Make the world your classroom. Learning to lead in a global context is crucial for senior managers today. As a student in the Levene MBA program, you will participate in our highly valued International Study Tour. This is an opportunity to extend your worldview and further your awareness of cultural nuances in business management and leadership. Recent Levene MBA trips have visited Finland, Estonia, and China.

On your tour you will:

    • Meet local leaders
    • Tour businesses in multiple economic sectors
    • Participate in a consulting project with other MBA students from the Levene GSB and international host schools.

See the world before you change it.

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