Levene MBA Program Outline

The Levene MBA is a 33 credit hour program (10 courses) intended to be taken full or part-time. To suit your needs, it is offered primarily through evening, online or one-week intensive delivery.

All Levene MBAs have six required core courses:

  • MBA 815 - Business Policy & Strategy (3 credits)
  • MBA 830 - Social Issues in Business (3 credits)
  • MBA 860 - Managing Change (3 credits)
  • MBA 880 - Managing Information, Analytics and Decision-making (3 credits)
  • MBA 899 - Integrative Practicum (6 credits)
  • MBA 848 - AA-ZZ International Study Tour (3 credits)

Should you choose not to Specialize

You can choose any four electives to best meet your educational and professional requirements. Please refer to Courses to see a complete list of course options.

If you do choose to Specialize, course options are below.

Reminder: All Levene MBAs require you to complete the above six core courses totaling 21 credit hours PLUS four electives (unique to your program) totaling 12 credit hours.

Levene MBA in Public Safety Management Specialization Courses

The following four courses are required:

  • JS 802 - Interprofessional Collaboration for Public Safety, Health and Learning
  • JS 803 - Public Safety and Community Policing
  • JS 804 - Public Safety in a Democratic Society
  • ECON 835 - Economics of Public Safety

Levene MBA in Engineering Management Specialization Courses

Choose four of the following six courses:

  • MBA 816 - Production and Operations Management
  • MBA 865 - Project Management
  • ENGG 819 - A Systems Engineering Approach to Project Management 
  • ENGG 820 - Economics for Practicing Engineers
  • ENGG 821 - Business Law for Practicing Engineers 
  • ENGG 822 - Risk Assessment and Management

*Disclaimer: This program is designed to meet the specific needs of managers, whether or not they have earned an undergraduate engineering degree. As such, this Specialization does not contribute to, or fulfil the academic requirements for registration as a Professional Engineer.

Levene MBA in International Business Specialization Courses

The following four courses are required:

  • MBA 816 - Production and Operations Management
  • MBA 835 - International Business
  • MBA 841 - International Marketing
  • MBA 891 - International Financial Management

* For admission into the program applicants must complete the Post-Graduate Diploma in Business Foundations.

** Applicants with an undergraduate degree in business can "Fast Track" directly into the Levene MBA without taking the Post-Grad Diploma.

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