MHRM Program Outline

The MHRM is a 30 credit hour program (10 courses) intended to be taken full or part-time. To suit your needs, it is offered primarily through evening, online or one-week intensive delivery.

Effective Spring/Summer 2017

Required Core Courses:

(12 credit hours)

GBUS 817 Human Behaviour in Organizations
GBUS 838 Research Methods in Management
GBUS 843 Strategic Human Resource Management
GBUS 862

Evaluation of Human Resource Practices & Systems

(Prerequisite GBUS 838)

Choose 3 Electives:

(9 credit hours)

GBUS 844 Labour Relations & Collective Bargaining
GBUS 846 AA-ZZ Selected Topics in Human Resource Management
GBUS 863 Staffing Organizations
GBUS 864 Compensation
GBUS 868 Occupational Health and Safety
GBUS 872 Managing Activist Employees
GBUS 873

Negotiation & Conflict Resolution

EAHR 811

Assessment Of Training

EAHR 850 Research In Adult Education

Chose 3 GBUS 8xx Electives

(9 credit Hours)


1 GBUS Elective (3 credit hours) PLUS the GBUS 900 Project



Total 30 Credit Hours


GBUS 900 Project

The GBUS 900 Project is worth 6 credit hours. Students following the project option must prepare and present a paper on a suitable topic. The project will be supervised by a member of the Faculty of Business Administration. A bound copy of the report will be filed with the office of the Dean of Business Administration.

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