Post-Grad Diploma in Business Foundations

Admission to the Post-Graduate Diploma Program has been suspended. Those who do not have an undergraduate degree in Business should refer to our Levene MBA page here. 

Why a Post-Graduate Diploma?

Our Post-Graduate Diploma in Business Foundations is required for those with an undergraduate degree in a discipline other than business as the entry point into the Levene MBA.

Whether it’s your communications and decision-making skills, your understanding of budgeting, cash flow and marketing campaigns, or your proficiency in staff recruitment and group dynamics, the Post-Graduate Diploma can provide you with the fundamental knowledge you need to have a successful MBA journey.

The program is 15 credit hours taken over 12 months and includes the following five courses:

  • MBA 710 Foundations of Strategic Marketing
  • MBA 750 Foundations of Strategic Human Resource Management
  • MBA 760 Foundations of Organizational Behaviour
  • MBA 780 Foundations of Accounting for Managers
  • MBA 790 Foundations of Financial Management

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