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This section of our website provides links to online forms and downloadable forms for students, faculty, and staff.

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Registration Related Forms:

Prerequisite Waiver

Prerequisite waivers allow students to get permission to take a course for which they do not have the required prerequisite. Please note that satisfying the eligibility criteria does not guarantee approval. Approval of prerequisite waiver requests will be granted based on special cases only.

Eligibility Criteria for Requesting Prerequisite Waivers:

1. Successful completion of at least 30 credit hours of required courses for an undergraduate degree in engineering.

2. A student must be in good academic standing as defined by the following performance measures:
a) PGPA at the time of request is at least 65%.
b) Not more than one failed course out of the 10 preceding courses taken by the student.
3. The student should demonstrate some evidence of prior course knowledge, which may include:
a) A minimum mark of 45% or higher in the prerequisite course attempted earlier.
b) the course will be taken concurrently with the pre-requisite course.
c) Completion of suitable course work from another faculty at the University of Regina, or another post-secondary institution, which
provides similar background as the prerequisite course.
d) Other evidence of preparation indicating sufficient academic background to take the course without the listed prerequisite.
You are also required to submit a written statement in support of your application, including a semester-by-semester academic plan of courses to be taken until graduation.

Applicants must meet these minimum criteria in order to be consider for the pre-requisite waiver.

Prerequisite Waiver Procedure: 

  1. Pre-requisite waiver form (below) is submitted to the Engineering main office.
  2. Prepare a semester-by-semester academic plan and evidence of comparable or equivalent pre-requisite knowledge.
  3. Forms and documentation should be submitted by the 1st Friday after the start of classes each semester. This will ensure that the forms are processed by the add/drop deadline.
  4. The Faculty Office will review to ensure all eligibility criteria are met before the Program will consider the application for completion of suitable course work.  Students must meet both items listed in the eligibility criteria point 2 above to be considered for the pre-requisite waiver.
  5. The student is notified of the decision via his or her U of R e-mail.

Note: Prerequisite waiver requests are granted only in a very limited number of special cases.
Students must provide sufficient documentation that the requested course is needed to stay on track and graduate on time.

By submitting this form, you agree to have an assessment completed on your eligibility to be approved for the requested prerequisite waiver.

Please submit forms to:

Prerequisite Waiver Form
Registration Permit Override

This form must be completed and submitted in order to have various registration restrictions lifted to allow you to register in a class in which you currently cannot register. Please fill out the following form, print it off and then return it to the Main Engineering office.

Please submit forms to:

Registration Permit Override Form

Time Conflict Approval

If you want to take two classes with overlapping times in a given semester, you must submit this form. Please follow the instructions on the form. Submission of the form does not guarantee that the time conflict will be approved. Follow the instructions on the form for completion and submission.

Please submit forms to:

Time Conflict Approval Form

Selection of Major and Minor

Students who are admitted with a high school admission average of 90% or greater will be granted their first preference of a major at the time of admission. Students whose admission average is between 70.00% and 89.00% will be admitted into a general major, ENGG.

Students who are being admitted from another post-secondary institution, Canadian or international, will be admitted to a general major, ENGG.

You must have completed 8 of the 10 first-year classes including ENGG 100, ENGG 123, ENGG 140 and ENGL 100.

Application Deadlines: Dec 1st, Apr 1st, and Aug 1st


  1. Students admitted to first year with a major of ENGG apply for allocation to the major of their choice with a minimum of 8 required courses in Year 1.
  2. Students who have transferred from another University of Regina faculty or have been admitted from another post-secondary institution must have completed one full-time semester within the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science. Allocation will be based upon PGPA.
  3. All current engineering students who are already in a major, other than ENGG, and wish to request a change in major may submit an application form. Allocation will be based upon PGPA and space in the desired program.

Acceptance priority is based on PGPA, number of credit hours completed and space in the desired program.

To select or change your major, please complete this form and submit it to the engineering office for approval.  A second and third major preference must be indicated on the form before it can be submitted. Generally students that already have at least 8 graded courses by the deadline date will be reviewed in the middle of that month. Students that will have 8 graded courses completed in that semester will be held until all grades are submitted. Normally they are reviewed after the first week in the following month.

Please submit forms to:

Major Selection Form

Minor Declaration Form

 *Minors are self-directed, and must be declared prior to graduation, as well as on the graduation application.   If minor requirements are not met, the minor is not included at time of graduation.  Minor requirements can be found in the Undergraduate Calendar.

Concurrent Programs

Normally, concurrent programs will not be available in the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science. Students who are interested must consult an Academic Advisor first. The final approval is by the Associate Dean Academic.

Repeating Courses

You may not repeat a class more than once (take it more than two times) unless you have prior permission from the Associate Dean (Undergraduate). Normally permission will be granted only if:

  • you failed the course the last time you took it (i.e. you're not taking it just to raise your average grade)
  • the course is required for your declared program (or, if you're in a pre-professional program, for admission to the declared target program)
  • your current grade point average is high enough that you have a reasonable prospect of graduating from your declared program (or of being admitted to your target professional program)
  • in the case of a pre-professional program, you've already completed all of the other courses required for admission to the declared target professional program
  • at least one semester has passed since you last attempted the class
  • you've successfully completed at least three further post-secondary classes since you last attempted the course

To apply for permission, fill out the following application form and submit it.

 Along with the application form you should submit a brief note explaining why you failed the course previously, why you need to retake it, and why you feel you can pass it given one more chance.

You will be notified in writing of the Associate Dean's decision. Approval may be accompanied with a restriction on the number of classes you can take that semester. You can appeal a negative decision to the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science.

Please submit forms to:

Repeat a Course Form

Academic Plan

Academic Plan

This form must be completed by students planning to do a Coop or Internship work term or getting a Letter of Permission (LOP). Please fill out the following form and send it to:

1. for Coop or Internship Study program to

2. for LOP to Melissa Berwald (

Application Forms

Application for Marking and Teaching Assistantships

Applications for Marking and Teaching Assistants will be submitted through URCareers.

Positions will be posted 4-6 weeks before the start of each term. You must submit a new application for each term in which you wish to work.

Applying does not guarantee that you will be hired.


Sponsor Letter Request

International students that require a letter for government sponsorship, must complete this form.

Please include an academic plan with the form.

Please allow 3-4 weeks to process these requests. Letters will be e-mailed out to uregina accounts.

Please submit this form to:

Faculty of Engineering & Applied Science
ED 409

Please submit applications

Student Group Request for Funding Application

Student groups can request funding from the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science to attend events, projects and/or conferences.

Funding can be requested by using the following form.

Student Group Request for Funding

APEGS Funding Request Application

Any Engineering student event or activity that contribute to the general categories in engineering competency frameworks including technical competence, communication, project and financial management, team effectiveness, professional accountability, sustainability and continuing professional development.

Activity contributes to the APEGs goal stated above, impacts the greatest number of engineering students possible, APEGS support is recognized, activity is inclusive and must not pose a risk by association to the reputation of APEGS or its members.

APEGS Funding Request

Letter of Permission

Letter of Permission (LOP) Request

April 7th 2020 - CHEM 350-Organic Chemistry at Athabasca University is no longer equal to CHEM 140-Organic Chemistry at U Regina

As of Fall 2021, an LOP fee of $30 will be applied to your account when you are registered for the LOP that you have requested.

University of Regina students are expected to complete their degree requirements here. In extenuating circumstances the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science may grant you permission to study outside of UR with a Letter of Permission (LOP). An LOP is an agreement between the student and faculty that allows the student to remain in the faculty and guarantees that transfer credits will be granted for the courses completed successfully (60% or higher).

U of R students require permission to take a course from an outside institution for credit towards their program at the University of Regina. If you take a class (either online, in-person or by correspondence) without previous permission by the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science you will not be granted the transfer credit.

To request permission, complete the application and provide all supplemental documentation, if requested. Documents may include course syllabi, professor information, course materials.

A general guide to the courses that are UR equivalents are listed in the U of R transfer credit equivalents database on the UR website. This does not guarantee that the classes are equivalent. Confirmation is done by the Faculty and the student will be informed if any more information is necessary. A re-evaluation may be required.

If the course is not in the database, a course description and course outlines (a syllabus) must be submitted with the application form. Additional time is required to allow for a course assessment to be completed.

Please complete the LOP request at least one month prior to starting your class.

Students will be notified via UR email and if approved, a letter of Permission (LOP) will follow. Do not register for classes at your chosen post-secondary institution until you have received permission from the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science.

Students in their final semester who request an LOP must ensure that the official transcript is received from the other post-secondary institution to the UR Office of Registrar by May 2nd (Spring convocation) or September 5th (Fall convocation), January 8th (completion of degree December 31st). You will not graduate as planned if we do not receive your transcripts by the deadlines.

If the student chooses to drop the LOP class, fails the class or receives less than 60% it is required that they notify the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science immediately. Appropriate adjustments will be made to your UR transcript. Your Grade Point Average will not be affected.

Upon completion of the LOP class, transfer credits will be assigned to the students’ UR transcript. Transfer credit grades do not affect the UR Grade Point Average.

All LOP requests will be individually reviewed. When requesting an LOP please include a coherent academic rational clearly stating the reason for wanting to study elsewhere. Include as much detail as possible. If you are not in your last year, permission is granted for extenuating circumstances only.

If you are not in your last year of studies and deem that the LOP you are requesting will benefit your academic career in any way, it will be considered on a case-by-case basis from the Associate Dean-Academic.

Academic Plan

Please contact Melissa Berwald for further information.


  • Student must be in good academic standing (have a Grade Point Average of at least 60%).
  • Students must be in their last year and have a time conflict with other classes in order to be given permission to take a course elsewhere. If you are not in your last year of studies and deem that the LOP you are requesting will benefit your academic career in any way, it will be considered on a case-by-case basis from the Associate Dean-Academic.
  • Co-op students may take a course while on a work term with permission from the Co-op Coordinator and their employer.
  • Completion time – the course must be completed within 8 months that the LOP was issued unless otherwise stated.
  • Students who are currently RTD’d, who are on probation or under misconduct (academic or non-academic) review will not be permitted to request an LOP while they are on their RTD/on probation/review.
  • Students who have a Financial HOLD will not be granted an LOP.
  • Students should NOT have already received the maximum allowable transfer credit (60 credit hours).
  • ONLY non-engineering classes will be granted transfer credits on an LOP; unless permitted by the Associate Dean (Academic).
  • Credit will only be granted for academic study at recognized post-secondary institutions.
  • Only TWO (2) LOP's may be granted while pursuing your engineering degree at the UR.
Plan your LOP!

Here is an example of the length of time it takes to complete an LOP at Athabasca University

Request LOP with Engineering

Duration of Class

Book Final Exam

Write Final

Transcripts sent to UR

1 week

Up to 6 months

20 days prior to writing

1 day

6 weeks

At AU you must be admitted and registered for the class prior to the 10th day of the month prior to beginning the class.  So, that means if you register on March 9th, then you will start your class April 1st.  If you register on March 11th, then you will start your class on May 1st (because you missed the deadline)


Request LOP

Duration of Class

Book Final Exam

Write Final

Transcripts sent to UR

March 1

April 1-Oct 1

September 30

October 15

November 27

If you are planning on graduating then remember that January 31st and July 31st are deadlines for Spring and Fall Convocation. 

Students who are in their last term and who have applied to graduate must ensure that UR Registrar’s Office has their transcripts by

May 2 – Winter
September 5 – Spring/Summer
January 8 – Fall

Academic Appeals

Appealing Academic Action (Probation, RTD, and MW)

Students may appeal any academic action including faculty RTD (Required to Discontinue), and university MW (Must Withdraw).

Appeals must be made in writing within 2 weeks of notification of the academic action to the Faculty's Student Appeals Committee (submit appeal letters to the Academic Action Advisor). Students present their case in person to the committee and are notified in writing of the outcome of their appeal.

Academic Appeal Submission Form

Academic Appeal Terms of Reference

Iron Ring Replacement Request

If you have lost your Iron Ring or are in need of a replacement, please use the following form.

Iron Ring Replacement

Deferral of Exam/Term work

Undergraduate students should complete this form to request an extension of deadlines for completion of assignments or final exams due to illness, death in the family, or other extreme and legitimate circumstances beyond their control.

Application for Deferral of Term Work and/or Final Exam

Medical Certificate

Office, Laboratory, and Key Card Access Forms

Undergraduate Key Card Access

Undergraduates students must download and complete the attached form in order to request a key card to access secure laboratories and other spaces. Please follow the instructions in the form and return it to the Engineering General Office once it is completely filled out.

Undergraduate Key Request Form

Graduate Key Card Access

Graduate students must use the faculty’s Key Request Workflow for new access requests and annual renewals. This is for MEng, MASc, PhD, and Visiting Students. The Workflow and further instructions are found within the “Engineering Safety Orientation” on UR Courses.

If you are not yet enrolled in this orientation, please contact”. 

Graduate Student Offices:
Thesis students may be assigned a graduate office during their studies for their degree, and while they are presently active (i.e. currently registered and/or not on leave). This is a desk, chair and filing drawer in a shared space in either the RIC, PTRC or GG buildings. Professors that have dry lab space with cubicles will be asked to place their students there first.

How do I apply?
To be added to the waitlist for office space, you will want to fill out this form and then email it to We will send you a confirmation email that you have been placed on the waitlist.
Waitlist Form

How long will it take before I hear back?
We may have to put your name on our waiting list (there is approximately a one (1) semester wait, and some even have a two (2) semester wait depending on the number of requests.

Until when can I keep this office & Key returns
Within one (1) month of defending your thesis, you must return your key to the Engineering Main office along and email the key return form and photo of your cleaned desk to If you require an extension, please contact
Office Space Etiquette
Do be a good shared office mate and be professional:
  • Keep your cubicle space clean and tidy
  • Keep your items within your cubicle space
  • Keep sink, fridge and kitchen area clean for shared use.
  • Sanitize and clean your cubicle space regularly, place food garbage/waste in hallway garbages as they are emptied regularly
  • Keep your voice and music quiet to respect others – use headphones.
  • Stay home if you are not feeling well.

   Please do not:

  • Bring personal items
  • Bring microwaves, hot plates or other cooking items for use in the office
  • Do not leave open food that can cause odors or invite bugs
  • Do not remove chairs or filing cabinets or change your cubicle location without confirmation from the Engg Main Office
  • Refrain from wearing heavy scents or perfumes as they can cause allergic reactions, migraines and respiratory issues for others
  • Do not bring friends, family or others to your office.

Please remember that labs and offices are academic spaces and that the environment should be welcoming, safe and clean.  We expect you to act like professionals that you are training to become. Please be cordial and considerate of other students that you are sharing spaces with.

  When completed your program and returning your office key for deposit:

  • Remove all personal items
  • Throw away any garbage or recycling
  • Return any items that may belong to your supervisor
  • Complete the office key return form and take a photo of your empty cubicle
  • Send your form and photo to
Office Orientation Checklist

New faculty, staff, sessional lecturers, and graduate students or casual student employees who will be assigned to an office or workspace should complete this form with their immediate supervisor.

Office Orientation Checklist

Laboratory Orientation Checklist

New faculty, staff, sessional lecturers, and graduate students or casual student employees who will be assigned to work in a laboratory space should complete this form with their immediate supervisor.

Lab Orientation Checklist

Laboratory Commissioning and Occupancy Approval

Before a new or recommissioned laboratory can be used, the laboratory occupant must complete this form and submit it to the Engineering General Office for final approval and signatures.

Laboratory Commissioning and Occupancy Approval

Laboratory and Office Exit Inspection

This form must be completed by student, researchers, or faculty members when they are no longer using a laboratory or office space.

Exit Inspection Form