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Faculty & Department Student Associations

Biochemistry and Chemistry Students Association Facebook Twitter Instagram
Biology Undergraduate & Graduate Society Facebook
Ceramics Students' Society Facebook
Computer Science Students' Society Facebook Twitter Facebook
Cultural Anthropology Students' Association Facebook Twitter Instagram
D.M. Kent Club of Geology Facebook
Economics Students' Association Facebook
Engineering Graduate Students' Association Facebook
English Students' Association Facebook Twitter Instagram Facebook
Faculty of Arts Students' Association Facebook Twitter Facebook
Faculty of Education Students' Society Facebook Twitter Instagram Facebook
Faculty of Engineering & Applied Science Students' Society Facebook Twitter
Faculty of Graduate Studies & Research Students' Association Facebook Twitter
Faculty of Kinesiology & Health Studies Students' Society Facebook Twitter Instagram
Faculty of Media, Art & Performance Students' Society Facebook
Faculty of Nursing Students' Society Facebook
Faculty of Science Students' Society Facebook Twitter Instagram Twitter
Faculty of Social Work Students' Society Facebook
Film Students' Association Facebook Instagram YouTube
Fine Arts Students' Association Facebook
FNUniv Students' Association Facebook
Geography and Environmental Studies Student Society Facebook
Hill Business Students' Society Facebook Twitter Instagram LinkedIn
Hill Management Student Association Facebook Instagram LinkedIn
Johnson Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy Students' Association Facebook Twitter
Linguistics Students' Association Facebook
Mathematics, Actuarial Science, and Statistics Student Society Facebook
Music Students' Association Facebook
Physics Students' Society Facebook
Politics and International Studies Students' Association (UR POLIS) Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube
Psychology Graduate Students' Association Facebook Twitter
Psychology Students' Association Facebook Twitter Instagram
Sociology and Social Studies Course Union Facebook
Students' Historical Society Facebook
Theatre Students' Association Facebook Twitter Instagram
Visual Arts Students' Association Facebook Instagram Facebook
Women's and Gender Studies Students' Society Facebook Facebook

Student Centres & Groups

Aboriginal Student Centre Facebook Twitter
American Society of Heating, Refrigerating
and Air-Conditioning Engineers
Apostolic Students' Campus Ministry Facebook Instagram
Best Buddies Facebook Twitter
Canadian Society for Civil Engineering Facebook
The Carillon (Student Newspaper) Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube
Catholic Christian Outreach Facebook Twitter
CFC Youth Campus Based Facebook
Choral Activities Facebook YouTube
The Citizens Foundation Facebook
Enactus Regina Facebook Twitter Instagram LinkedIn
Engineers Without Borders Facebook Instagram
Health, Outdoor, Physical Education Twitter
Hill I.C.B.C. Team Facebook
Hill JDC West Team Facebook Twitter Instagram
Ignite Facebook Instagram
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Facebook Instagram
InterVarsity Christian Fellowship Facebook
Lexeme Theatre Facebook Instagram
Living Skies Student Film Festival Facebook Twitter Instagram
OurTurn Facebook
QuEST Instagram
Regina Public Interest Research Group Facebook Twitter Instagram
Relay for Life Facebook Twitter Instagram
Society for Creative Anachronism Facebook
Society of Petroleum Engineers Facebook
Student Affairs YouTube
Students & Teachers Anti-Racist/Anti-Oppressive Society                          Facebook Twitter
Study Group Facebook
Tehillah Minstrels Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube
Toastmasters International Facebook Twitter
University of Regina Ambassador Program Facebook Instagram
University of Regina Kin Games Facebook Instagram
UR Improv Facebook Instagram
UR Sustainable Campus Facebook Twitter
URWISE Facebook
Women's Action Group Facebook
World University Service of Canada Facebook Twitter