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University of Regina Policy

Filming/Photography on Campus

Audience:All University Employees, Students and External Parties
Issued:April 01, 2005
Revised:May 17, 2023
Owner(s):Director, Communications and Marketing
Approved by:President and Vice-Chancellor
Contact:Creative Projects Specialist – 306-585-5156


This policy provides a coordinated approach for the use of campus facilities by external and internal film production organizations and photographers. The policy is meant to provide guidance for film/photo projects using campus spaces/facilities and to minimize disruption and cost to the University of Regina.


Filming/Photography on Campus

Filming/Photography on campus will be permitted if it is of no cost to the University and not disruptive to normal operations.

For use of interior locations, Hospitality Services will secure approval from the academic/administrative head(s) responsible for the department/unit occupying the space requested. Filming/photography in classrooms/labs with University students is at the discretion of the professor/instructor and the students in the class. Academic and administrative units have the right to refuse any request for filming/photography if they determine that filming in their area constitutes undue disruption.

Indemnity and Proof of Insurance

Production agencies filming at the University of Regina and photographers taking photos at the University of Regina must agree to fully indemnify and hold harmless the University (including the University’s Board of Governors, employees, officers, servants and agents) from and in respect of any liability or loss. This includes those which the University may suffer or incur by reason of any injury to any person or damage to any property caused by the Producer/Photographer or any of its employees, officers, servants, agents, contractors or equipment, or any persons introduced to the premises by reason of such filming/photography, or in any way attributable to the filming/photography activity. Production agencies will be required to provide evidence of liability insurance coverage in the amount of at least $5 million showing the University of Regina as an additional Named Insured. Photographers are encouraged to have, but not required to provide proof of, liability insurance.

Construction and the Alteration of Buildings

No major set construction or alteration of buildings will be permitted. Any set decoration must be clearly specified in writing and presented to Hospitality Services prior to filming. All areas occupied in connection with the filming must be returned to their normal, original condition as soon as the filming is complete.

Temporary set construction and alterations to buildings must first be approved by Hospitality Services in conjunction with Facilities Management. Any such requests must be made in writing and include applicable drawings. Upon completion of filming, all sites must be returned to their previous condition at the expense of the film production/photography company.

Use of University Personnel

Under certain circumstances, the Producer/photographer may be required to secure University personnel (security, custodial staff, etc.) governed by one or more of the University’s collective agreements. If utilized, the Producer/photographer shall pay University staff at the rates outlined in the collective agreements.

Use of Drones/UAVs

The University of Regina recognizes increasing use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs, also known as drones) for aerial filming and photography purposes. The use of UAVs falls under the Canadian Aviation Regulations and the regulations differ depending upon the weight of the device, the equipment attached, and the intended purpose.

According to Transport Canada regulations, UAVs/drones may not be flown outdoors on our main or College Avenue campuses unless the operator holds a Special Flight Operations Certificate (SFOC), due to the University of Regina’s proximity to the Regina International Airport and Regina General Hospital’s heliport. Recreational UAV use is not permitted on either campus. For more information or to request authorization for a drone/UAV project, please contact Communications.

Identifying the University

For productions/photography that do not involve University events and activities, every effort should be made to maintain the anonymity of the University.

Film Credits

The University of Regina reserves the right to either refuse or require film/photo credits.


This policy does not apply to daily news and public affairs coverage of University events, activities and personalities by television, film or sound recording. Daily news media and public affairs coverage is encouraged and assisted by External Relations. However, media wishing to film inside the Dr. John Archer Library, a classroom or lab must have the permission (with the assistance of External Relations staff) of the instructor/administrative head involved, allowing enough time for the instructor/administrative head to notify students and seek their permission about the media request.

When news and public affairs coverage includes complex documentary filming, this policy applies, including fees and assistance. Coverage of sports events will be approved and coordinated by University of Regina Athletics.

Filming/Photography on Campus by Students

Students registered at the University of Regina are permitted to film/photograph on campus pursuant to the following guidelines:

  • class projects must be bona fide student productions approved by an assigned instructor;
  • access to University space must be booked through Hospitality Services;
  • filming/photography in student residences must be approved by Housing Services;
  • the application fee is waived for student productions;
  • students will be billed for any costs incurred by the University;
  • students must carry student identification with them at all times while filming.

Consequences for Noncompliance

Failure to comply with this policy may result in interruption and/or termination of filming/photography and the potential to be banned from future filming/photography projects on campus.

Failure of a production agency to produce liability coverage could result in denial of filming/photography privileges due to the financial risk to the University.

Any damage incurred to University property will be at the expense of the production company/photographer.


Application for Approval to Film/Photograph on Campus

  1. The University, at its sole discretion, will decide whether to approve an application to film/photograph on the University campus. All agencies/photographers intending to use the University of Regina as a location for commercial or non-commercial filming/photography must first contact Communications for approval/authorization. The decision to authorize filming/photography on campus will be made by Communications and will be based solely on the department’s responsibility to preserve the institutional reputation, public image, and integrity of the University of Regina.
  2. To facilitate a decision, the contents of the full film script or synopsis (at the discretion of Communications) must, under normal circumstances, be made known to Communications fourteen (14) days prior to the first date of filming/photography.  If University representatives determine that the script content is not detrimental to the best interests of the University they will approve the request to film/photograph on University property.
  3. Once approval is granted, all requests to use University buildings, grounds and/or facilities for the purposes of commercial filming/photography will be coordinated through Hospitality Services. Film production crews/photographers and all representatives must work through Hospitality Services to ensure that arrangements are satisfactorily made on the University’s behalf.

Location Release

All film production companies/photographers must sign the University of Regina Space Rental Agreement/Contract issued by Hospitality Services. Representatives of the University of Regina will not sign any filming agreement or location releases other than the University of Regina Space Rental Agreement/Contract.

Fees and Other Charges

Once Hospitality Services has confirmed it can satisfy a request, a non-refundable application fee (payable to University of Regina) will be collected by Hospitality Services. The University may also charge fees either on a per diem or lump sum basis for the use of the University’s premises. Additional fees may be charged based on a production company’s needs and the complexity of the film/photo shoot. Additional services/personnel supplied by the University will be outlined in detail (including costs) in the University of Regina Space Rental Agreement/Contract.

Cancellation and Rescheduling

Written notice is required for any changes or cancellations. Scheduling of dates and times will be considered based on availability of the requested locations and services. Any costs incurred by the University at the point of cancellation will be billed. Rescheduling of dates will then be considered based on availability of the requested locations.

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