Approval of Outdoor Events

Category: Operations
Number: OPS-040-006
Audience: All University employees, students and members of the public
Revised: March 07, 2013
Owner(s): AVP (Facilities Management)
Approved by: VP (Administration)
Contact: Director, Security and Operations 306-585-4655


This policy ensures all members of the University community are aware of policy and processes surrounding outdoor events. This allows the University of Regina to be aware of and manage events that are taking place on the property owned by the University thus minimizing risk to the institution.


All outdoor events to be held on University property must receive prior formal approval by the Director of Security and Operations followed by the approval by Wascana Centre Authority (WCA).

The type of functions approved will be those in support of the goals and mission of the University and must be conducted in a safe and constructive manner.  The University also encourages maximum communication among all stakeholders, internal and external, to ensure that requirements of this policy and all other regulations at the University of Regina are met.

Events included in this policy are concerts, picnics, barbeques, camping, races etc. Anyone wishing to hold an event outside should refer to the Outdoor Event Regulations in Appendix C (23 KB) Word Document.

Roles and Responsibilities

University Community/Members of the Public:

Director, Security and Operations:

  • reports to the Associate Vice-President, Facilities Management and is responsible for the policy on Outdoor Events.
  • reviews and approves applications for events and coordinates the approval with Wascana Centre Authority.
  • notifies applicable University stakeholders of the event.

Consequences for Noncompliance

Events that take place in University of Regina outdoor spaces that have not gone through the approval process put the University at risk and may be shut down by Campus Security and guests asked to leave the premises.  Any costs associated with the event, will still remain the responsibility of the event organizer.


Obtaining Approval for Outdoor Events

In order for the University community or sponsored groups to obtain approval for outdoor events they must:

  1. Complete the University’s approval form (Appendix A (22 KB) Word Document);
  2. Complete the Wascana Centre Authority (WCA)’s approval form (Appendix B);
  3. Submit both forms to Campus Security at least 1 month before the event date for large events or 1 week for small events;
  4. If approved, the Director Security and Operations will then seek the approval of the WCA; and,
  5. Campus Security will advise event organizers of the University’s and the WCA’s decisions.

Groups with no affiliation to the University will submit to Wascana Centre Authority first for approval.

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