Choosing a File Format

The logos and monograms are available to download in various file formats. The information below is intended to help you choose the correct file format for your project.

EPS Files

EPS files are typically what suppliers use. They are vector graphics, meaning they can be resized to any size without distroition or loss of detail. These files are special files built from the original artwork in vector images, which can be enlarged to any size without pixelation or image loss. 

Since you probably won't be able to view EPS files on your computer, please refer to the JPG equivalents of the EPS files in order to choose the right file to send with your print job.

EPS files often appear to have jagged edges on screen, but produce absolutely crisp printouts. You can test this by placing your EPS file in a new document (it may appear black and jagged even if it is a colour logo) and printing a test page from your printer. To use an EPS file, you must have access to and training on the Adobe Creative Suite of software.

PDF Files

PDF files are similar to EPS files in that they are vector graphics which can be enlarged without losing sharpness and can be used for supplier-produced materials.

Users will be able to view PDF files on their computer since PDF file formats are universally viewable.

JPG, PNG, and GIF Files

These files are raster graphics, which means detail is composed with pixels. The image quality of raster graphics will degrade as you enlarge them or as you save them multiple times.

  • JPG files can be used across desktop publishing software, Word and PowerPoint with one limitation: transparency. JPG files have been included for some logos, where other file types cannot be employed. JPGs are built in RGB colour space.

  • PNG is an alternative that supports transparent backgrounds and can be useful in many applications - especially for web design where white may not be the desired background colour.

  • GIF files are limited to 256 colours. It is an acceptable choice for the web but not in print.