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Financial Support


Scholarships, Teaching Assistantships/Fellowships

Applicants seeking financial support through University scholarships, teaching assistantships and fellowships, should, in addition to applying for those scholarships listed on the FGSR website, correspond with the head of the academic unit in which they wish to apply. Students should not assume that an offer of admission is associated with financial support. Unless informed otherwise, incoming students are expected to provide for their own financial support during their course of studies. Copies of annual estimates of costs of living are regularly updated and are available on the FGSR web site.

Support for students can be from internal or external scholarships, bursaries, research funds, or employment by academic and non-academic units. Students are encouraged to seek external scholarships and other sources of funding. These are beneficial to students by directly providing financial assistance and as concrete evidence of scholastic achievement. Information about scholarships is contained in the Scholarship and Awards link on the FGSR website.

Funding available from the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research is in the form of entrance awards, graduate scholarships, teaching assistantships or fellowships. These funds are available only to fully qualified students in Master's and Doctoral programs. At the time of application, students may be part time, but if awarded funding, students must register according to the Terms of Reference for the specific scholarship they are being awarded in the corresponding term. Students who are in post-program maintenance (i.e., have completed all formal credit hour degree requirements in the program) are not eligible for FGSR funding, unless otherwise stated in the Terms of Reference. Other awards (titled scholarships, etc.) administered by FGSR are not included. Please read each Terms of Reference carefully.
The following are the categories for funding from FGSR:

  • Graduate Scholarship Base Fund (GSBF) are awarded to academically exceptional students and are available in all three terms. Please see the Terms of Reference regarding this funding on the GSBF page.

  • Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTA) assist with the instructional program of undergraduate classes, seminars or laboratories as assigned by the head of the academic unit. It does not include acting as a research assistant for the personal research of a professor(s). Teaching assistantships are typically available only in the fall and winter terms. Hours of work and rates of pay are determined through collective bargaining between the University of Regina and CUPE local 2419-Academic Assistants. Graduate students are required to attend a series of seminars at the Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL) prior to assuming a teaching assistant position.

  • Graduate Teaching Fellowships (GTF) are provided to students who will be involved in the instruction of a class under the supervision of a faculty member. Doctoral candidates are encouraged to build their repertoire of professional skills and should contact their academic unit about the availability of teaching fellowships which are funded by FGSR and the academic unit. Hours of work and rates of pay are determined through collective bargaining between the University of Regina and CUPE local 2419 - Academic Assistants. Teaching fellowships are typically available only in the fall and winter terms.

Student Conference Travel Awards

The Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research awards funds to assist Master's and Ph.D. students with costs associated with travel for presentations of paper, posters, or other creative work pertinent to their studies. Approved events include conferences, major festivals or other artistic events sponsored by recognized national or international organizations. Students may not receive this funding more than once at the Master's level or more than twice at the Ph.D. level. Applications for travel funds are assessed and awarded two times a year by means of an FGSR Travel Award competition in our Graduate Awards Portal (GAP). This is a post-travel award, you must travel first and then apply. Please see the GAP  for deadlines and to apply.


Other Funding Opportunities

Other scholarships and awards are available to domestic and foreign students. Information regarding these opportunities is available on the FGSR website: