INSPIRE Research Symposium

The Interdisciplinary Series for Professional Intellectual and Research Engagement (INSPIRE) initiative:

  • is an interdisciplinary graduate initiative which is led by a team of graduate students at the University of Regina;
  • hosts events and workshops to enhance student success in professional and academic domains.

What is the INSPIRE Research Symposium?

  • The INSPIRE Research Symposium strives to engage students at the University of Regina from all disciplines in a full-day research conference.
  • The main goal of the INSPIRE Research Symposium is to function like a formal academic conference so that students gain exposure to an academic conference within a safe and comfortable setting.

Why should I engage with the INSPIRE Research Symposium?

  • The INSPIRE Research Symposium allows you to talk about your research in a comfortable setting and network with other students and faculty from different departments.
  • There are monetary prizes for those that place in 1st, 2nd and 3rd for all three formats.

Stay tuned for more on the 2024 event!

Thank You!

For Making the 2023 INSPIRE Research Symposium a Success

We hope that you enjoyed attending our Symposium as much as our team enjoyed putting it on. The INSPIRE Research Symposium started as a simple idea but our team was unsure of how much engagement it would receive or how successful it would be. Needless to say, we are blown away by the level of engagement from students, faculty members, supervisors and other professional staff.
We would like to say a huge and special thank you to all the presenters. Simply put, without you, the Symposium would not have been successful. We would also like to thank:
  • Our keynote speaker, Dr. Melanie Unrau. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and guidance with everyone. Your academic success is a strong motivation for students;
  • Dr. Maria Velez and Dr. Chris Oriet for your presentation on graduate studies at the University of Regina; and
  • our poster session judges, Dr. Alex Oehler, Dr. Raymond Deschamps and Dr. Stephen King.
We would also like to extend a huge thanks to the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research, especially Dr. Aziz Douai, Dean, and Roberta Bell, Manager of Engagement. Without your continued support and guidance, this INSPIRE Research Symposium would not have happened. This concludes the first INSPIRE Research Symposium, but stay tuned for future events from INSPIRE!

2023 INSPIRE Winners

1st Place:

Poster: Amara Kohlert (Psychology)
Data Blitz: Stephanie Flaman (Biology)
Paper: Zohra Zahir (Biology)

2nd Place:

Poster: Laura Schnell (Biology)
Data Blitz: Emma Blanken (Biology)
Paper: Ashlyn Kirk (Biology)

3rd Place:

Poster: Mohammed Quraishi (Biology)
Data Blitz: Riley Herman (Computer Science)
Paper: Colin Rieger (Biochemistry)


Paper Presentation

  • A 10-minute presentation with slides to illustrate while you narrate your research findings for the audience orally and in person.
  • This format may be preferred for those who have results to discuss within their research, such as PhD students or Postdocs.

Data Blitz

  • An in person 5-minute presentation with approximately 3-5 slides to address research that is in development, in progress or completed.
  • This format may be preferred for those who do not have results or those who wish to practice for future competitions, such as Master's students.

Poster Session

  • Create a poster (36" x 48") to present orally in a 1-2 minute spiel at an approximately hour-long session. In-person.
  • This format may be preferred for those who are at the undergraduate level.

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