System Alerts

Outages and Planned Maintenance

Scheduled Maintenance - Banner servers - Tuesday, September 19th, 2023

There will be two brief outages of 30 minutes each, to allow Information Services to apply patches to the database servers.
1) Banner Reporting Server (ACE2), Tuesday, September 19th, 6:00 PM to 6:30 PM (30 minutes):
** What is affected?
- Banner TEST, QPRD, and TEMP will be unavailable.
In addition, applications linked to Banner may have limited or no functionality:
* CASPUR Reports (QPRD)
* Banner Workflow (TEST)
* URDocs/Content7 (TEST)
* Cognos Reporting
2) Banner Production Server (ACE1), Tuesday, September 19th, 7:30 PM to 8:00 PM (30 minutes):
** What is affected?
- Banner, UR Self-Service, and related applications as outlined below.
- No Banner/Oracle services available during the designated maintenance period.
What is meant by "No Banner/Oracle services"?
- No BANNER services will be available for the duration of the outage.
- No UR SELF-SERVICE functionality will be available for the duration of the outage.
This means:
* No ability for students to view current registration, class times, and locations or final exam times and locations.
* No ability for students to add, drop or search for classes.
* No ability to submit on-line applications.
* No ability to update personal information.
* No ability to make online payments.
In addition, applications linked to Banner may have limited or no functionality:
* CASPUR Reports
* Banner Workflow
* URDocs/Content7
* FAST Finance Reporting, HR Reporting and Accounts Receivable
* DOME Web Mark Entry
* Timetable DCU/Scheduling
* Degree Audit Advising
* Online Admissions
* TouchNet online payments
* Bookstore Web BookList
* SAMS Undergraduate Student Awards Management System Scholarship Applications
* GAP Graduate Awards Portal Scholarship Applications
* EMS Conference Services Event Management System (no connection for Banner uploads)
* First Year Student Orientation
* AIMS Parking System
* StarRez Residence system (no connection for Banner uploads)
* Locksmith system
* Footprints and online Time Off calendars
* Resolver (no connection for Banner uploads)
* Cognos Reporting

System Announcements

Wireless Certificate Expiry, Wednesday, August 9, 2023, - Important for eduroam users

The wireless certificate used to secure wireless logins to the eduroam network will be renewed for 1-year on,

  • Wednesday, August 9th at 7:00 AM.
  • The first time you connect to eduroam wireless on campus after the certificate change, you may be prompted to accept a new wireless certificate for signed by the GoDaddy certificate authority.

Behaviour for common operating systems is as follows

  • Windows 10: Prompts, click Connect, no password required.
  • macOS: Prompts to accept new certificate, shows as valid, requires local macOS account password. Apple iOS: Prompts for new certificate, click Accept, no PIN/Password required.
    Note: May only prompt if you go into wireless settings and try to connect, otherwise fails once and moves on the next known network if available.
  • Android: No prompt unless you have previously used the CAT (Configuration Assistance Tool) for eduroam. Behaviour for Android devices may vary by software version - in most cases there will be no prompt.

To connect a new device, or reset the configuration for eduroam on a device, users can use the Configuration Assistance Tool available at

  • Click on the 'Download your eduroam installer' button, then select University of Regina from the list, your device's operating system will be automatically detected, to download the appropriate configuration tool.

Important Note: The configuration tool will populate in the username field, this is required. All usernames must be in the format username AT (not first.last AT

For more wireless information see, Wireless

Windows 11 Support Status
Windows 11 operating system, which was released by Microsoft on October 5, 2021, is not yet supported for use with University of Regina systems and applications.
  • At this time, upgrading University-owned computers to Windows 11, or upgrading personal systems that are used to access University resources, is not recommended or supported.
  • We have not yet tested the functionality of all University applications with Windows 11.
To ensure a reliable and secure computing environment for the University community, policy OPS-080-015  "Supported Hardware, Software and Related Products" lists hardware and software known to work and officially supported by Information Services.
  • Information Services will be testing supported software on Windows 11 to ensure performance. When this testing has been completed, a notice will be sent to the campus announcing formal support of Windows 11.



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