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Military and Veteran Student Resources


As noted on its website, the Canadian Military, Veteran and Family Connected Campus Consortium (CMVF3C) is a growing network of representatives from willing colleges, polytechniques, universities, CEGEP; the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF), Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC), Military Family Services, 3rd party providers, associated partners, military recruits, members and Veterans (MMVs) pursuing post-secondary education (PSE), and their families. 

As an invited member of the CMVF3C since May 2022, the U of R is taking steps to enhance the educational opportunities available to current members and veterans of the Canadian Armed Forces in recognition of their service, and has committed to continued involvement in this nationwide initiative to develop Military and Veteran Friendly Campuses (MVFCs).

Canadian military members, Veterans and their families are committed to the service of our country and integral to the fibre of our post-secondary and civilian communities.  The Canadian Military, Veteran and Family Connected Campus Consortium

About the U of R's MVFC

The U of R has already taken significant steps toward becoming a MVFC, including: participating in the CMVF3C; engaging a fieldwork student to research and recommend additional opportunities; engaging in a partnership with the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI); and making connections with other relevant and interested external and internal partners.  

This initiative is new and the development of additional programs, supports and services for MMVs is underway in consultation with the CMVF3C and our other external partners. Want to know more or get involved? Fill out this form for updates and information about the U of R's MVFC.

Photo: Air Force trainees of No. 3 Air Observer School at Regina College, now the College Avenue campus of the University of Regina, circa 1942. Photo courtesy of Stephen King.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What resources are eligible for military members and veterans?
MMVs are eligible for a wide-range of supports at the UofR including:

This MVFC initiative is new and more programs and specialized services are in development. For up to date information, check back here or self-identify as a MMV and sign up for updates to our programming using this form.
What if I’m enrolled at U of R and am called to active duty?

The University of Regina recognizes that military-connected students may encounter unexpected interruptions to their lives due to their committment to serving our country.

The academic success of a military-connected student will not be adversely impacted by any of the following possible military situations:

  • Unanticipated training opportunities
  • Domestic deployments
  • International deployments
  • Illness or injury due to military service
  • Planned and reoccurring military commitments
What funding opportunities are available to military-connected students?

Some military members may be eligible for reimbursements and allowances through the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) and some Veterans may be eligible for the Education and Training Benefit through Veteran Affairs Canada (VAC). 

There are also scholarships and bursaries available to all students. MMVs may also qualify for scholarships like the Button Family Military and First Responders Scholarship (undergraduate; log in required), Button Family Military and First Responders Graduate Research Award, Wounded Warriors, and the Dr. Mark Zamorski Award, which are specifically available for MMVs.

Can I receive credit for military courses and training?

The UofR will assess military training and experience through our Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) process, and undergraduate courses taken at the Royal Military College of Canada are eligible for transfer credit.

Additionally, some military courses and training are eligible for Experiential Badges through our Centre for Experiential and Service Learning (CESL), please contact for more information.

How do I self-identify as a military-connected student?
Complete and submit this form and you will be contacted by U of R staff who can help you obtain the information and supports you need as a military-connected or veteran student.

Our Partners

RUSI -- the Royal United Services Institute of Regina -- is a Regina-based non-profit organization and one of many independent United Services Institutes in the world. At inception a century ago, RUSI Regina was for the study of military science, understanding of Canadian defense policy, and supportive gathering of military veterans. Today RUSI welcomes civilians as well as current and ex-service personnel, and its primary public activity is captured in its mission statement: honouring the Canadian Armed Forces and its members past and present.

RUSI holds many public commemorative events and has a multi-year program that creates public memorials of various kinds, including online. RUSI also holds social events to encourage awareness. The organization collaborates with the University of Regina on historical research to support the recognition of Canadian service and sacrifice. To learn more about RUSI or to become a member, visit their website.

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Military Member and Veteran Self-Identification

We would like to connect with you in order to build and improve our Military and Veteran Friendly Campus (MVFC). Fill out the form below to self-identify as a military member or Veteran and we will contact you about MVFC supports, services, programming, and opportunities for involvement.
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