Glossary of Terms and Definitions

Acronym: UWGC (relating to Information Technology Initiatives)


University Web Governance Committee - Is responsible for overseeing the institutional website policies, standards, guidelines and procedures.  The UWGC also oversees website development projects and their implementation.

Acronym: UWGC (relating to Website Naming, Hosting, Risks and Security)


University Web Governance Committee - This subcommittee of the University Information Technology Steering Committee (UITSC) has been formed as the University of Regina’s senior governance committee responsible to oversee institutional website development and implementation, with a mandate to:

  • develop, approve, implement and oversee policies, standards, guidelines and associated procedures which ensure the institutional website and web activities are aligned with and focused on the strategic objectives and priorities of the University of Regina; and,
  • oversee institutional web-related projects for web services, web content and web technology infrastructure which forms the delivery mechanism for institutional website initiatives.
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