Policies and Procedures Manual

10- General

Policy Number:10.55
Name:Publications Distribution Policy
Origin: Director, Ancillary Services
Approved:December 20, 2001
Approval Process:Committee of Administrative Directors, Operational Relations Committee
Revision Date(s):


  1. This policy is not intended to censor people bringing publications on campus. Refer to Section 2 "Application for Approval to Distribute".
  2. This policy is to provide for the orderly distribution of news and information publications on the University of Regina campus in accordance with University requirements.
  3. This policy protects on-campus publications published by students and staff from outside interference that would otherwise affect their readership levels and advertising revenue.
  4. This policy limits and controls distribution of publications that are exclusively for advertising, marketing, and promotional purposes.

Application for Approval to Distribute

  1. Application for approval to distribute must be made in writing to the Associate Vice-President Student Affairs.
  2. The Associate Vice-President Student Affairs, in full consultation with the President of the University of Regina Students’ Union and the Editor-in-Chief of the Carillon, shall review the application.
  3. The adjudication of the application shall take into account the affect of the applicant’s publication on:
    1. the campus community
    2. national and local advertising revenue of existing publications, specifically those run by students and staff
    3. readership levels of existing student or staff-run publications.
  4. The recommendation of the Associate Vice-President Student Affairs shall be consistent with the standards of the University community including: space availability, recycling requirements, availability of the publications elsewhere, the call for such publications on-campus, etc.

Distribution Procedures for Free University or Student Publications

  1. These policies pertain to publications that are editorially and financially controlled by University of Regina students or staff on a non-profit basis. They include:

    i.     The Carillon
    ii.    Journalism school newsletter
    iii.   SIFC newsletter
    iv.    Campion newsletter
    v.     Newsletters of various faculty student councils
  2. It is acknowledged that these publications serve a vital purpose on-campus without which the awareness of campus issues and events and the general sense of campus community would diminish significantly.
  3. In accordance with the vital role these campus publications play, they shall be given right of first refusal for distribution areas and shall be allowed maximum distribution on-campus to assure that they are able to reach all students, staff and faculty.
  4. Further, all decisions pertaining to off-campus publications shall take into account the needs of these publications to severely limit damage to their readership or budget as a result of the presence of off-campus publications.

Distribution Procedures for Local Off-Campus Free Publications

  1. These policies pertain to publications that are generally available free of charge to readers, including, but not limited to: arts and entertainment weeklies, student newspapers from other campuses, music magazines/newspapers, Lesbian/Gay/Bi-sexual/Queer (LGBQ) newspapers and any other publications aimed primarily at a local or local student audience and produced on a relatively modest budget.
  2. No more than five boxes for distribution of each of these publications shall be allowed on-campus with the total weekly circulation for these five stands not exceeding 1,000 issues.

Distribution Procedures for National Off-Campus Free Publications

  1. These policies pertain to publications that are produced on a national level for free distribution to university students across Canada. They include, but are not limited too, for-profit student-focused glossy magazines such as Professorjones.com and Campus Canada.
  2. These magazines shall not be allowed to be distributed on-campus because their large print runs (and resulting low advertising rates) would dramatically threaten the national advertising revenue of student publications (which account for 40 per cent of their advertising sales).
  3. The only exception that may be made to this rule is in the case of publications that are of significant benefit to university students and are directly controlled (editorially and financially) by other main student publications on-campus (for example a national student magazine owned and operated by student newspapers).

Distribution Procedures for Off-Campus Sponsored/Promotional Publications

  1. This policy pertains to daily newspapers and any other for-profit publications which are regularly available only by paid subscription or newsstand sale. It is recognized that even though these publications may be offered to students free of charge thanks to a sponsorship arrangement or as part of a promotional bid by said publication to increase readership levels, these publications are not the same as other free off-campus publications.
  2. Specifically, it is recognized by the University of Regina administration that the paid subscriber base and large print runs of these publications grants them a significant competitive advantage over student and university run publications. Therefore, these off-campus publications can pose a significant threat to the very existence of university, and student publications and the community they serve.
  3. It is further recognized that the distribution of these publications on-campus is of significant benefit for the daily newspaper, allowing them to dramatically increase their circulation and advertising revenue.
  4. Therefore, these publications shall only be allowed on-campus for sale from vendor machines or at commercial sales locations, in order to help preserve student publications and the sense of university community that they help foster and sustain.

Design, Colour and Location of Distribution Boxes

  1. Design and colour of the distribution boxes used by off-campus groups may not be similar to the on-campus publications to avoid confusion.
  2. The design of the distribution boxes used by off-campus publications must receive prior approval from the Associate Vice-President Student Affairs.
  3. Advertising on the boxes for publications, that are not produced by and for students, shall be limited to the name of the publication. No advertising of businesses or organizations whatsoever will be permitted on these publication boxes.
  4. The University reserves the right to move/remove off-campus distribution boxes to locations deemed more acceptable by the University in consultation with representatives of student and university publications.

Trial Period and Discipline Procedure

  1. Upon approval of the Vice-President Student Affairs and related student organizations as allowed for within this policy, all off-campus publications must undergo a one-year trial period.
  2. At the end of this period, the publication will be evaluated for the service it provides to students, the impact it has on student/university publications, its relationship to campus community, and its behaviour as a corporate citizen on the campus.
  3. Should the publication be found to be lacking in one of these or other areas, the University reserves the right to ban or limit its distribution on-campus.
  4. Should a publication not live up to its obligations under this agreement it will be banned from campus for a period of no less than one year.
  5. Following the trial period, off-campus publications shall be reviewed by the administration and student publications every five years, or at the request of a student publication or administrative body, whichever is sooner.


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