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Award Rules & Regulations

General Regulations

  1. The University reserves the following rights:

    1. refuse to disclose to an individual personal information that is evaluative or opinion material compiled solely for the purpose of determining the individual's suitability for receipt of an honour or award;
    2. to give consideration to fair distribution in the allocation of awards;
    3. to withhold an award in any year in which there is no candidate who meets the selection criteria;
    4. to cancel and require repayment of an award if the recipient is not registered and/or has not remained registered in the required number of credit hours throughout the term, up to and including the last day of classes.  This date is available in §1.2 of the undergraduate calendar or on the Registrar's Office website.
  2. For awards which require application, students will only be considered for awards for which they have submitted a full and complete application package.

  3. Deferrals of awards will be allowed in the following circumstances only:

    1. Students attending Université Laval as part of the Baccalauréat en Education program: the award will be deferred to the semester of their scheduled return.
    2. Students in the GAP Year program are eligible to have automatic university funded entrance scholarships deferred for a maximum of one academic year.
  4. The monetary value associated with financial awards funded by the University of Regina is normally restricted to students registered in University of Regina courses or participating in a formal exchange program in which they pay tuition and fees at the University of Regina.

    Visiting Students and students enrolled in off-campus programs may be eligible to receive financial awards to a maximum value of tuition and fees paid to the University of Regina.

    Students on a letter of permission from their faculty may be eligible for receipt of awards and will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

    Special students are not eligible for financial awards.

  5. Only University of Regina courses will be used in the calculation of averages for consideration of scholarships, bursaries, awards or prizes unless the recipient is a high school graduate entering from high school.

  6. To qualify for an award, a student must normally have removed all incomplete grades, completed deferred examinations, and had any grade changes completed within six weeks following the end of the semester.

  7. Receipt of awards is conditional upon the recipient's compliance with all of the terms, conditions, guidelines and regulations as set out in the terms of reference.

  8. The maximum amount of internal award funding an undergraduate student can normally receive per academic year is as follows:
    1. Student charged at domestic fee assessment rate: $15,000
    2. Student charged at differential fee assessment rate: $30,000
  9. Students may formally request a reconsideration of an award regulation by writing the Director, Enrolment Services c/o Student Awards and Financial Aid office to be accompanied by any required supporting documents.

Course Loads and Calculation of Averages

Admission Average Used for Entrance Awards

For the purposes of administering Entrance Awards, a student's admission average will be used as calculated at the time of admission.

Minimum Course Load Requirements

To be eligible to earn undergraduate awards, a student must be registered in the minimum course load requirement in University of Regina courses as identified in the specific award criteria.

Accommodation on Course Load Requirements for Students with Disabilities

Students registered with the Centre for Student Accessibility (CSA) will be considered eligible at a 20% course reduction from the listed criteria in the award terms of reference.  In exceptional cases, the required course loads (for award eligibility) may be reduced further, as determined on a case by case basis.  The University reserves the right to adjust award values to reflect the reduced amount paid for tuition and books (by virtue of the reduced course load).