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Stipends and Tuition

Minimum Stipend

The Department of Biology has set a recommended mimimum stipend of $18,000 per year, with the first year of funding guaranteed. This stipend is provided from a number of sources including teaching assistantships, scholarships, and supervisor contributions. See the Abdridged Guide to Graduate Studies in Biology for further details about funding.

Tuition Fees

Tuition fees cover courses taken, research/seminar hours, student activities, materials and services. Students pay for all formal course work taken and for a specified number of research/practica/seminar hours.

An approved program may include additional hours beyond the minimum required for the degree. These hours are charged at the rates set by the Board of Governors of the University.

  1. The cost of auditing a course is 50% of normal course tuition. Students who formally withdraw may be eligible for a refund of fees.
  2. Students who are funded by FGSR may have fees deducted in installments by making arrangements with Financial Services. There is no charge for these arrangements.
  3. Students who terminate their study programs and withdraw from the University will receive refunds according to the policies set down by the University. Any amounts refunded will be mailed, upon request, to the student from Financial Services.
  4. All graduate students are required to register for one semester per twelve-month period. i.e., no more that two consecutive semesters may elapse before being required to register. If a student is taking courses, the course credit hours will be charged. If a student is not taking courses, but is using facilities such as laboratories or the libraries, the student will register in the non-course hours of the program and pay for such hours at the credit hour charge until the program minimum is paid. If, after this minimum is paid, the student continues to use University facilities, the student will enroll in GRST 995 for each semester spent in residence and for the semester of defense, including the Spring and Summer sessions. Graduate students not using University facilities must register in GRST 999 at least once per twelve month period in order to maintain their status. Students who fail to maintain registration for more than two semesters will have their program discontinued and will be required to request reinstatement apply and pay a reinstatement fee if they wish to return to the program.

Tuition for MSc versus PhD Students (from FGSR guidelines)
Tuition fees are calculated differently for MSc and PhD students. PhD students pay a flat per semester fee, and all PhD students are considered to be "full-time" (6 credit hours). The tuition fees of PhD students are not affected by the number of courses taken in a semester or over the entire program. However, PhD students must still fulfill the credit hour requirements (both course work and research credit hours) of the program.
In contrast, MSc programs are considered to consist of 30 credit hours in total. These 30 credit hours are achieved via a combination of course work and research (research is BIOL 901 for Biology graduate students). Students that take more than the minimum number of courses will pay more than the minimum amount of tuition for the MSc program.
The most up-to-date tuition information is here

Registration in the Semester of a Thesis Defence

A student must be registered in the semester in which the thesis, project, practicum, or exhibition is examined. Students who are program complete will register in GRST 995 or 996 as may apply.