Graduate Application FAQ

  • What is the duration of the M.Sc. program?
The normal duration is 2 years (6 terms) full-time or twice as long if you are pursuing your degree part-time. Full time study consists of taking two courses per semester. The majority of students complete in 5 to 7 terms. The maximum duration is 5 years.


  • What if I want to take more than a full course load?
A full course load is two courses per semester. Your course instructors will assume that you are able to spend half of your time on their course. If you choose to exceed the full course load (e.g., taking three courses per semester), you will only have one third of your time to spend on each course. As a result, you may find it difficult to meet the course instructor’s expectations in terms of time commitments.
If you choose to proceed with a course load that exceeds 6 credits, be mindful of how you are dividing your time between these courses, and perform a self-assessment before the deadlines for dropping courses.
  • What is the basic difference between thesis, project and course route options in the M.Sc. program?
Thesis: 5 classes, 2 seminar presentations, 1 thesis. The thesis reports on an attempt at original research. Thesis option is recommended if you plan to pursue a Ph.D.
Project: 7 classes, 2 seminar presentations, 1 project report. The project report is similar in format to a thesis, but typically shorter, and does not necessarily describe original research. This option is not recommended if you plan to pursue a Ph.D.
Course: 10 classes, 1 seminar presentation. This option is not recommended if you plan to pursue a Ph.D.