Online Auction Research Lab

This lab is a centre for research on fraud detection and winner determination in online auctions. It is located in Room 308.19 of the College West Building. This Lab is funded by NSERC Discovery and Engage Grants.

Director: Dr. Samira Sadaoui

Current Research Interests:

  • Auction fraud detection with machine learning: incremental learning, online learning, outlier detection; fraud verification, SVM, forward auctions.
  • Winner determination based on evolutionary algorithms: multi-objective optimization, genetic algorithms, combinatorial reverse auctions.

Graduate Students in Progress:

  • Shubhashis Shil, PhD (since Jan. 2014). Winner Determination in Multi-Objective Combinatorial Reverse Auctions.
  • Swati Ganguly, MSc (since Jan. 2015). Auction Fraud Detection using SVM-based Supervised Learning.
  • Sulaf Elshaar, PhD (since May 2015). Auction Training Data Generation, Clustering and Classification.
  • Ahmad Alzahrani, PhD (since Sep. 2015). An Adaptive and Incremental Auction Fraud Detection Framework.
  • Khulood Almonami, MSc (since Sept. 2014). Review of Machine Learning Techniques for Fraud Detection (project-based).