Student Testimonials

Here is a sample of what our students have to say about the Faculty of Social Work:

hand“At the heart of the U of R Faculty of Social Work are its sessionals and professors. From a variety of social work backgrounds, the diversity and front-line experience of my teachers helped me develop a comprehensive understanding and appreciation for the strengths of generalist social work practice. Most of all, the sessionals' and professors' passion for social work remains undeniably one of the greatest gifts shared with us as students.”

~ Tara Bilash, BSW Alumna 2009

hand"The social work program instils skills that will allow you to grow upon the compassion you already encompass."  

~ Kelsey Browatzke, BSW Student

hand"The passion displayed by many of the professors in the faculty is inspirational."

~ Deanna Brown, BSW Student

hand"The Saskatoon Campus for social work is a welcoming, warm environment.  By being able to take my BSW in Saskatoon I have learned more about my community.  The facility helps to create a community with the students which in turns helps to establish networking opportunities with fellow students, professors, and current social workers.  Without the ability to take the BSW program in Saskatoon I feel that I would have missed out on great friendships, educational opportunities, and experiences I would not have gained anywhere else." 

~ Chrystina Hunter, BSW Student

hand"The thing I liked best about my experience in the Faculty of Social Work is all of the friends I made.  Having the [Saskatoon] Campus location moved to the atrium increased the closeness of all of the students immensely.  I really enjoyed having the opportunity to be a part of the Saskatoon Social Work Student Society and all of the things we did volunteering in the community.  The faculty and staff truly care about the students and their successes."  

~ Denise Norris, BSW Alumna 2009

hand"If you are floating aimlessly through a Sociology or Psychology B.A. and not sure what options you have for the future, come check out the Bachelor of Social Work degree it might be the focus you are looking for! It helped me figure out what I was really looking to do and gave me practical, marketable skills for employment!" 

~ Angie Pollom, BSW Alumna 2009

hand"The Social Work Program in Saskatoon was amazing! The program was both an incredible educational journey, and a journey of self discovery. The course work teaches you about social policy, working with clients, ethics and self-reflection- being able to know what you bring to the table, and being able to recognize what you need to do to improve and make things better. Having smaller class sizes really allowed for students and professors to interact in a positive and helpful way. There was always a sense of trust and openness and as a student I always felt encouraged to share my thoughts and opinions. While a small campus, the opportunities are never ending. With an active Student Society there is always some type of event, fundraiser or chance for advocacy thanks to our many connections with the community of Saskatoon." 

~ Stacy Ruest, BSW Student

hand"I am absolutely humbled to have this experience to study alongside such wonderful people and to learn from such caring, supportive and influential professors."

~ Janelle Sebastian, BSW Student