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The University of Regina's motto is "As One Who Serves," and as such, the Student Success Centre encourages you to get involved on campus, strengthen your leadership skills, and meet new people through the University of Regina Ambassador Program. By participating in the Ambassador Program, you will be leaving a positive legacy through the sharing of your skills and knowledge, and by providing inspiration for current and future undergraduates.

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Mission Statement and Learning Outcomes for Student Leadership Programs at the University of Regina

Our university’s motto is “As One Who Serves,” and Student Leadership Programs at the University of Regina embrace this motto fully. The goals of Student Leadership Programs are to enhance the learning experience of our participants by providing them with interpersonal and leadership skill development opportunities, opportunities to create connections with other students and staff, and opportunities to give back to the university and the community. Our programs are inclusive and welcoming and our participants come from a wide range of programs and backgrounds. Our participants are friendly, helpful, dedicated, and fully invested in their university experience. We serve current students, new students, prospective students, University of Regina departments and programs, and the general public. We encourage participants to actively demonstrate their leadership skills, participate fully in our programs, take ownership of the programs, and develop a deeper level of engagement with the university. As a result, they not only create community and school spirit within the university, but also develop strong leadership skills themselves.

As a result of participating in Student Leadership Programs at the University of Regina, students should:

  • Possess knowledge of University of Regina supports and resources, and be able to use this information to make referrals to students
  • Use the knowledge they gain in training sessions to develop their leadership skills, solve problems, and accomplish goals in their personal lives
  • Develops and articulates a personal belief and value system
  • Establish meaningful, helping relationships with others and treat all others with respect
  • Work cooperatively with others and value others’ points of view and opinions
  • Understand the advantages of diversity on our campus, and seek involvement with people from a variety of backgrounds
  • Participate in volunteer and service activities that are characterized by reciprocity
  • Demonstrate consideration of the welfare of others
  • Communicate effectively, listen actively, and demonstrate strong interpersonal skills
  • Demonstrate professionalism
  • Understand the importance of our motto “As One Who Serves”