Bachelor's Degree Programs

Visual Arts

These four-year studio art programs encourage individual artistic development by concentrating on studio practice. After a year and a half of work in a variety of studio areas, students may choose to focus in ceramics, drawing, painting, photo-based media, printmaking, or sculpture, or work between disciplines.

In addition to studio courses, Art History courses create a historical and critical context providing skills for students to pursue the careers as listed below.

Sample Courses

  • Prairie Landscape Photography
  • Expressive Painting
  • Contemporary Ceramic Process
  • Intro to Printmaking
  • Art Theory and Art Criticism

Career Opportunities

  • Professional Visual and Media Artist
  • Digital Media: web designer, videographer, video editor, photographer
  • Art teacher (elementary, secondary, post-secondary)
  • Graphic Designer (corporate art director, promotional designer, municipal graphic designer, record cover designer, audio visual designer)
  • Advertising (art director, copywriter, layout artist, mechanical artist)
  • Art Therapist
  • Fashion designer (fashion designer, illustrator, fashion art director, fabric designer)
  • Film and television (art director, TV electronic designer, animator, props manager)
  • Illustrator (editorial illustrator, product illustrator, storyboard illustrator, animator)
  • Medical illustrator
  • Industrial designer (product designer, toy designer, furniture designer)
  • Interior and display designer (interior designer, department store display designer, exhibit and museum display designer)
  • Photographer
  • Publication Designer


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Quick Facts

Program: Bachelor of Arts in Visual Art (BA) Bachelor of Arts Honours in Visual Art (BAHons) Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Arts (BFA)
Length: 4 years
Offered Through: University of Regina Campion College First Nations University of Canada Luther College
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