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Post-Secondary Transfer Students

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We welcome transfer students from other universities and colleges. The path to earning a degree can look many different ways, and for some students, it includes taking courses from more than one institution.

If you have completed studies at a recognized post-secondary institution, or if you have completed courses within a recognized advanced high school program, you may be eligible to receive credit for courses at the University of Regina. Transfer credit is assessed after you are accepted to a program.

Transfer Student Admission

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Step 1 Apply for Admission
Step 2 Receive Acceptance
Step 3 Transfer Credit is Assessed

Post-Secondary Transfer FAQs

What is the definition of a transfer student?

At the University of Regina, a transfer student is someone who has attended another post-secondary institution and who is interested in applying to the University of Regina in Saskatchewan in Western Canada.

In some cases, transfer students did not complete an academic program from the prior university or college. In other cases, transfer students did complete a program — such as a diploma program — and want to continue their education with a degree program at the U of R. Still others may have a degree and want to pursue a certificate, second degree, after-degree program, etc.

What about current U of R students wanting to transfer faculties?

If you are currently a student at the University of Regina and want to change faculties, this is considered an internal faculty transfer. Internal faculty transfer is required when you:

  • Would like to transfer to another faculty at the University of Regina
  • Would like to change your registration status (U of R, Campion, First Nations University of Canada or Luther)
  • Would like to transfer to another faculty after you were required to discontinue your studies in one faculty

If you are applying for a faculty transfer, you must meet the requirements for the new faculty. Note: Past and current University of Regina students applying to the Faculty of Nursing or Education must go through the regular application process.

For further details based on your program/faculty of interest, check out the Current University of Regina Student section of the Application Guide.

What are the admission requirements for transfer students?

While admission requirements vary by faculty, you can find details on how to apply and what’s required through our Application Guide.

How will my admission average be calculated?

Post-secondary transfer admission averages are calculated using the Admissions Grade Point Average (AGPA). The AGPA is calculated by combining recognized academic post-secondary courses and attempted U of R courses. Some faculties include all attempted courses in the AGPA calculation, while others include only the most recent 30 credit hours of post-secondary courses attempted. Check out our Application Guide for details on which credits are included, based on your faculty or program of interest!

Are there any transfer student scholarships?

Yes! Learn more about entrance scholarships for transfer students and other funding opportunities on our Costs and Aid page.

Where can I find out about transfer credit?

We have lots of information on the transfer credit process for you here. Students applying as university/college transfer students are required to pay a $100 transfer credit assessment fee which will be charged at the time of application.

Additionally, there are many programs that when completed at a particular institution, may transition into a degree program at the U of R. These are sometimes called Block Transfer Agreements, 2+2 Agreements, or Articulation Agreements.  Find out more under the "Program Articulation and Joint Program Pathways tab here.