Police Studies

Bachelor of Arts in Police Studies (BAPS) is a four year, 120-credit hour degree program.  The BA in Police Studies offers students two options: (1) professional track program that includes a practicum with a Canadian police service; and (2) completion of an academic track program in policing, including a policing-related practicum. The professional track program requires students to have  confirmed employment with a Canadian police service or law enforcement agency prior to the commencement of their fourth year of study.

The academic track program offers students who do not wish to become a sworn member of a police service a degree in policing.  Students in the BAPS program can transfer their courses between both tracks.  Another option in the BAPS program is for students to enrol after completing 5-years of police service.  These students can receive 12-transfer credit hours and then register in JS 495, the capstone course of the degree. 

This degree program’s liberal arts and justice studies foundation introduces students to the complexity of Canadian society and to the role of law and policing in modern democracies. This innovative program exposes students to a diversity of perspectives that underlie police work, including the social realities of crime.

The BAPS program has been designed with contributions from professionals and academics:  

• Law Foundation of Saskatchewan
• Saskatchewan Ministry of Corrections, Public Safety, and Policing
• Saskatchewan Department of Justice
• Saskatchewan Association of Chiefs of Police
• Royal Canadian Mounted Police
• representatives from Saskatchewan's Aboriginal Communities

  • Regina Police Service
  • Saskatchewan Police College

For additional information regarding the specific requirements of the Police Studies Program, please see the official University of Regina calendar description of the program.