Major in Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management is about managing people within organizations in order to help the business gain a sustainable competitive advantage. HR majors will delve into the fields of management and psychology to learn about the underpinnings of human behavior and how to leverage that understanding to recruit, select, train, and motivate employees in order to improve an organization’s performance. HR majors will learn about group dynamics, leadership, organizational culture, negotiations, and how to align HR functions with business strategy to achieve organizational objectives. HR majors will also learn about industrial relations, including how to manage people and processes within unionized environments, as well as conflict resolution.

Who It’s For
The HR major will be of interest to students who are interested in managing people—understanding what drives them and how to organize them to achieve great things. This major is for students who want to be exposed to a diverse set of perspectives. The practice of HRM is influenced by many disciplines, so HR students will learn from specialists in behavioral science, human resource management, industrial relations, sociology, industrial-organizational psychology, and organizational behavior.

What It Looks Like
The HR Major begins with two foundational classes. BUS 260 teaches students the theory of how people and groups function within organizational settings, whereas BUS 250 teaches students how that theory is used in practice. From there, students can choose their journey. Students can focus on “micro” issues, such as staffing, training and development, performance management, or compensation. Students can also focus on more “macro” issues such as industrial relations, leadership, occupational safety, conflict resolution and organizational change. The major ends with the strategic human resource management course, which teaches students how the different HR functions integrate strategically to achieve organizational objectives.

Careers in Human Resource Management
Human resource manager/specialist, job analyst, labour relations specialist/director, occupational health and safety specialist, payroll and compensation administrator, recruiter, talent manager, staffing manager, and training and development manager

CPHR Designation
The Hill School of Business is accredited with the Chartered Professionals in Human Resources (CPHR) Saskatchewan, making it easier for BBA students majoring in HR to earn their CPHR designation. Click here to learn how you can work towards adding this designation to your degree.

HUMAN RESOURCES Major (5 courses):


BUS 453   Strategic Human Resource Management

Choose 3

BUS 301   Negotiation

BUS 354   Occupational Health & Safety

BUS 355  Issues in Labour Relations

BUS 356   Staffing Organizations

BUS 357   Compensation

BUS 358   Training and Development

BUS 361   Management of Performance

BUS 362   Leadership

BUS 363   Organization Analysis

BUS 364   Managing a Diverse Workforce

Choose 1

BUS 455   Conflict Resolution in Employee – Management Relationships

BUS 461   Organization Change and Development

BUS 462   Judgment and Decision Making

BUS 473AA-ZZ   Selected Topics in Human Resource Management


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