Alice's ESL Story


An Exciting Motivating Adventure

My name is Duong (Alice). I have attended the ESL program at the University of Regina since Summer 2018. And since I have been here, I have already volunteered in six different organizations. Like many other international students here, I came to this ESL program for a better education and life-changing adventures.

Indeed, this program has been a motivating and exciting experience.

In Classroom

I luckily have a teacher like Ricardo who can speak French, Spanish, Chinese and a little Japanese. Somehow, he understands our struggle (Vietnamese cannot use nose voice much), and makes us all laugh every class.

Another thing that makes this program unique is the friendly cooperative international environment. Most of the ESL students are international students. These students bring their English accents and their knowledge to share among other students. I am making friends from all around the word.

I have already added over 100 friends to my Facebook account in the last semester. So cool, right?

Living on campus benefit many students mentally in term of its various fun and rich-customs activities that always are posted on the dormitory’ public digital boards. A lot of activities are held in the Green Patch area, and others are held inn the dormitory multipurpose rooms.

I have already lost count of the activities I joined in. But, I always remember a lot of them such as Movie night, Laser night, Gardening day and Cooking practice.

As I wrote before, I have volunteered in six different events/organization such as Congress 2018, Masturi festival, Queen City marathon, ESL friends and Wascana Rehab in just ‘one and a half semester’. Looks busy, right? However, I learned a lot of valuable lessons from Canadian people’s story and social skills such as leadership, time management and so on.

In conclusion, this long term adventure in the ESL program at the University of Regina gives me motivation and a fulfilling knowledge from inside to outside the class. These programs improved my English skills-listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. On the other hand, this program also make me confident to say I am alive and I am useful for my country generation!

Duong (Alice), ESL Student (2018)