Student ID Card

You must carry your Student Photo ID Card anytime on and off campus. Campus Security and Regina City Police request that students carry student ID to confirm they are U of R students whenever they are asked.

Your U of R Student ID card is your Permanent University Identification

Getting a Student ID Card

Your ESL class instructor will tell you where and when to get your Student ID card. Student ID cards are free of charge for new students.

Photographs for your Student ID are taken in Room 210 of the Administration-Humanities Building. You will need to take two pieces of identification with you:

  1. Your Student Number (admission letter, class schedule or appointment letter)
  2. A valid passport OR driver's licence with photo OR valid government identification with a signature

Replacing Your Student ID Card

To replace a lost, stolen or damaged card is $10.00. Your Student ID Card is valid and active for as long as you are a registered student.

Using Your Student ID Card

You will need your Student ID Card for:

  • Library Access and Services
  • Fitness & Lifestyle Centre Access and Services