Pat Moir Award

  • Value: $250.00.
  • Awarded once each year. (Awarded in the Fall, Winter and Spring semesters effective Fall of 2017.)  
  • Application deadline: May 31. (No application required as of the Fall of 2017.)
  • Eligibility: ESL students who meet the following criteria:
    * successfully completed Advanced EAP 100 within the previous academic year,
    * admitted to an undergraduate program at the U of R,
    * registered and remains registered a minumum of 3 credit hours in the semester the award is presented,
    * academic achievement will based on final grades and attendance in Advanced EAP,
    * and preference will be given to graduates of ESL +1.
  • Please apply through the Student Awards Management System (SAMS).

All Saints Anglican Bursary

  • Value: $650 will be presented annually in the Winter semester. (This value will increase to $1,000 effective 2018.)
  • Awarded once each year.
  • Application deadline: September 30.
  • Eligibility: ESL students who demonstrate financial need. Preference will be given to students with refugee or permanent resident status. 
  • Please apply through the Student Awards Management System (SAMS).

Penthes Rubrecht Bursary - on hold

  • Value: 50% of ESL tuition for the following semester.
  • Awarded in the Fall, Winter and Spring semesters.
  • Application deadline: 9th week of each term (Friday).
  • Eligibility: Level 005, 010, 020, 030, 090 students.
  • Penthes Rubrecht Bursary Application Form

ESL Prize - on hold

  • Value: $250.00.
  • Awarded in the Fall, Winter and Spring semesters at graduation.
  • Application deadline: No application required. The recipient is selected by a committee.
  • Eligibility: Students who have Advanced EAP students, chosen for leadership qualities and academic performance.