Health Insurance

Protecting your health and wellness is very important. When you are studying here at the U of R, you will need a Saskatchewan Health Services Card, also called a “Health Card”, which gives you coverage for many, but not all, medical services.

After you arrive in Regina, if you are eligible for a Health Card, we will personally assist you during Orientation in applying for one.


In order to obtain a Health Card and be eligible for health benefits, you must both be a full-time university student and have a valid Study Permit.


The following basic health care services, paid for by the Saskatchewan Government, are included in your Saskatchewan health coverage:

  • All medically necessary doctor’s visits and hospital procedures, including diagnosis and surgeries
  • Physical and occupational therapy

What Does Your Health Card NOT Cover?

  • Dental
  • Prescription medication
  • Eye doctor visits and eyeglasses

For more information about your health coverage in Saskatchewan, click here on this link.

Should You Get Private Health Insurance?

YES. To protect yourself from some medical expenses not covered by provincial health coverage, even if you have a Health Card, we urge you to buy additional private health insurance before you arrive in Regina.


If you are in Saskatchewan under a Visitor Permit, you are not eligible to receive a Health Card. Therefore, if you are not eligible, you will need to obtain private health insurance independently and in your own country before you arrive in Regina.