EAP + 1

EAP + 1 gives you the opportunity to take an undergraduate course before finishing the EAP Academic Program.

If you are in Advanced EAP and if you qualify, you may join EAP + 1 and take one undergraduate course while still studying in the EAP Academic Program.


  1. Must be enrolled in Advanced EAP
  2. Must be conditionally accepted into one of the following Faculties
    • Arts (Economics)
    • Business Administration
    • Engineering and Applied Sciences
    • Science
    • Centre for Continuing Education


The following are the university-level courses that are eligible for the EAP + 1 Program.

Other university-level courses may also be eligible for the EAP + 1 Program on an individual basis, pending approval by the ESL Director.

Academic Discourse ACAD 100
Mathematics MATH 103
MATH 110
Statistics STAT 100
STAT 160
Economics ECON 100
ECON 201
Computer Science CS 100
CS 110
CS 115


Applications to this program will be accepted when students apply to the EAP Program, or any time before they are in Advanced EAP. UR International and the EAP Program will hold application workshops for all EAP 090 students wanting to apply.


  • Students who pass both Advanced EAP and the credit course can start their U of R studies full time and receive credit for their university credit class.
  • Students who fail Advanced EAP but pass the university credit course will only receive transfer credit for the University course after passing Advanced EAP.
  • Students who drop or are discontinued from Advanced EAP will automatically be discontinued from the U of R course.


If you have any questions or require assistance, please contact the ESL office at esl@uregina.ca