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ESL Academic Program

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English as a Second Language

This program is accredited by Languages Canada.

Core and Skill Classes

Each class focuses on specific language skills offered through classroom instruction, workshops, seminars and socio-cultural activities.

Admission Requirements

Determine if you are eligible for the Academic ESL Program.

Placement Exams

There is one placement exam every semester.

Application Forms

These forms are for new and returning students.


For Visa students, landed immigrants, Canadian citizens and permanent residents.

Student Stories

Learn about the academic program from students who have been through the program.

Read more about Manami's Story

Transition Programs

Transition programs are for ESL students and students who want to apply for admission to a University of Regina undergraduate program but may not have all the English language requirements.

Advanced English for Academic Purposes (EAP)

EAP prepares you for U of R undergraduate and graduate programs.

ESL + 1

Take a university credit course before finishing the ESL program.