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Core and Skill Classes

Core Classes

  • 005 Low Basic
  • 010 Basic
  • 020 High Basic
  • 030 Low Intermediate
  • 040 High Intermediate
  • Advanced EAP

Skills Classes

Students will work with ESL Instructors and Staff to determine which Skills Class would be most helpful for each student.

  • Writing (005)
  • Communication (005 – 030)
  • Grammar and Writing (010 – 030)
  • Academic Writing (040 – 050)
  • Advanced Writing (050)

Class Information

Each class focuses on specific language skills offered through classroom instruction, workshops, seminars and socio-cultural activities. Evaluation is based on graded assignments, tests, mid-term and final examinations. Students are required to purchases course texts and other materials at an approximate cost of $175 CAD.

To find out information about your class (such as the name of your instructor, the classroom number, dates and times, etc.), please login to UR Self-Service the night before classes start.