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Language and Culture



Learn about and experience Canada virtually while practicing English communication.

Topics may include: 

  • First Nations/Indigenous Peoples of Saskatchewan, Canada
  • Canadian Multiculturalism
  • Geography, Landmarks, & Attractions of Saskatchewan, Canada
  • Other Canadian Geography, Landmarks, & Attractions
  • Symbols of Canada, Saskatchewan, & Regina
  • The Role of England, the Queen and the Royal Family in Canada
  • Common cultural differences to know when visiting Canada

For about 60% of the course, you will have live classes with an instructor and live conversation and culture sessions with University of Regina students. The rest of the course will be delivered through non-live technology-enabled activities. Class times accommodate time differences.

Students have the option of adding a virtual local contact for an additional fee. With the virtual local contact, you will also have the chance to meet virtually with a local Regina resident for 90 minutes a week during the program.

Course dates and tuition:

Please note that for all programs below, the pre-program orientation may occur a day before the listed start date.

3 Week Programs: $625 CAD (virtual local contact + $200 CAD)

  • February 5 to 24, 2022 (dates in Saskatchewan)
  • February 26 to March 17, 2022 (dates in Saskatchewan)
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