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Homestay Program

Stay with a Canadian family and be immersed in Canadian culture and English language.

Friendly, Caring and Supportive

Our host families open their homes to international students, welcoming them into their families and daily lives.

We strive to match families with international students based on the students' preferences.

Host Families

Host families undergo a thorough screening. Their homes are inspected in-person by ESL staff, in addition to the City of Regina's Fire & Protective Services Department, to ensure host families' homes pass fire and safety regulations. We also conduct regular home visits and we survey all students to ensure that expectations are being met or exceeded.


Students can expect the following from host families:

  • Pick-up and drop-off at the airport
  • Assistance opening a bank account
  • Three meals a day, seven days a week
  • Private furnished bedroom with bedding and linens
  • Shared bathroom
  • Internet, phone and TV access
  • Inclusion in family activities 

Host Families can expect the following from students:

  • No smoking in the home
  • No supervision of children
  • Participating in household chores
  • Eating meals together
  • Using public transportation or other methods to commute to and from the U of R
  • Treating family pets with respect 

Homestay Fees

Fee TypeAmountFee Description
Placement Fee $225

Paid during Homestay Application. 

Confirmation Fee $450

This amount, which is equal to $30/day X 15, will be deducted from the homestay fee. Paid during Homestay Application. 

Homestay Fee

Winter 2018 ($2,610)
Spring/Summer 2018 ($2,850)
Fall 2018 ($2,640)

Semester Break $30/day If Homestsay students wish to stay with their host families longer than a semester, they are responsible for making arrangements with their host families and paying them $30 directly for each additional day.
Travel $15/day If Homestay students choose to travel during the semester break, they must pay their host family $15 per day in order for them to hold the room and allow the students’ belongings to remain in the home.

Application and Payment Deadlines

  • Homestay application deadlines match the ESL Regular Program admission deadlines: Dec 1 (Winter semester), Apr 1 (Spring semester), Aug 1 (Fall semester).
  • Homestay payment deadline: 7 days after the start of semester

Apply for Homestay

  1. Apply and be admitted to the U of R ESL Program. You will receive a Letter of Acceptance from the U of R to confirm your acceptance in the ESL Program.
  2. Complete the Homestay Application (122KB) PDF Icon and submit it.

We will send you an e-mail two or three weeks before the semester begins with information about your host family.

Cancellation Policy

If a student wishes to leave the Homestay Program before the semester begins:

  • The ESL Program office must receive cancellation notice from the students no less than two weeks before the program starts, otherwise the $450 Confirmation Fee will not be refunded.

If a student wishes to leave the Homestay Program after the semester begins and after arriving in Regina:

  • The student must give 30 days notice by filling out and submitting to the ESL Program office a Notice of Early Departure form (available on request from the Housing Coordinator). Students leaving the homestay program will be charged $30 per day for 30 days starting from the day the Notice of Early Departure Form is signed, whether or not they decide to stay with their host family during the 30-day period.

More Information

For more information, please click here: Frequently Asked Questions.


If you have any questions or require assistance, please contact the ESL Homestay Coordinator at