Student volunteers prepare tax returns

Posted: March 9, 2015 11:40 a.m.

(L. to R.) Enactus members Laura Luster, Brianna Lobb and Krysten Forbes help prepare tax returns.
(L. to R.) Enactus members Laura Luster, Brianna Lobb and Krysten Forbes help prepare tax returns. Photo: U of R Photography

If you are a student needing help filling out your tax return then there is help available at the University of Regina, and it’s free.

The service is provided by members of the U of R chapter of the international organization Enactus, which runs out of the Paul J. Hill School of Business. Enactus is a non-profit organization that uses entrepreneurial action to make the world a better place. It is also a group that is open to undergraduate students from all faculties and programs.

“It’s incredibly rewarding to see students asking questions and being actively involved in preparing their own tax return and it’s a great start to empowering students to be financially independent,” says Brianna Lobb,  who is in the final semester of her Bachelors in Business Administration degree. Lobb is also the Enactus project manager for the Tax Solutions program.

“On a personal level my position as project manager gives me an even wider range of experience in time management, human resource management, scheduling, marketing and problem solving. These skills will help me in my business courses and in my career,” adds Lobb.

The 25 student volunteers are required to attend a two-hour workshop about preparing typical tax forms and take the third-year business taxation course.

In 2014 the group completed 171 forms. This year they aim to top 300.

“This is a great opportunity for business students to get hands-on experience,” says Randy Linton, a lecturer in the Faculty of Business Administration who is overseeing the project. “This also teaches students that giving back doesn’t always have to be financial, but that giving time and expertise is equally important.”

The group has set up a table in the Riddell Centre by Common Ground and will offer the service until March 31. Students can book a time by signing up here:

To learn more about Enactus Regina visit:

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