Alumnus making a difference in Ukraine

Posted: April 1, 2015 6:00 a.m.

U of R Alumnus Alan McIntyre
U of R Alumnus Alan McIntyre McKercher LLP

A Regina lawyer and University of Regina alumnus is laying the groundwork that could fundamentally change the administration of justice in Ukraine.

Alan McIntyre QC is part of a judicial team in Canada helping Ukraine with its desire to institute a pre-trial settlement process.

“In Saskatchewan more than 80 per cent of our civil cases settle. In Ukraine the settlement rate is about 1 per cent,” says McIntyre who graduated from the University of Regina with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1976. “The primary interest in Ukraine is for both greater efficiency in the system, which in turn fosters credibility.”

In 2012, under the direction of Federal Judicial Affairs Canada, a group of judges from Ukraine visited Regina and Winnipeg to observe the provinces’ respective pre-trial conference processes. Saskatchewan is considered a leader in the area of pre-trial settlements. Mr. McIntyre was part of a Canadian delegation that visited Ukraine in 2014 and most recently in March, 2015.

“Both the lawyers we met and the judges in Ukraine struck me as particularly capable, especially younger members of the Bar who take a fairly liberal approach to problem solving,” says McIntyre.”The judges, many of whom are female, struck me as both smart and decisive.”

The possibility of making real change in another country’s judicial system is a career highlight.“Representing Canada and the Canadian Judicial system is easily one of my proudest moments as a lawyer,” says McIntyre. “We have a very good system worth copying.”

This push for change in Ukraine’s legal system is happening as that country deals with military conflict along its eastern border. “Our work and travel has been restricted to west and central Ukraine. Other than that I did not see any evidence of the conflict which is occurring,” says McIntyre.

Following his graduation from the U of R, McIntyre completed his law degree at the University of Saskatchewan. He is now a partner in the Regina office of  McKercher LLP, one of the largest law firms in Saskatchewan.

He fondly remembers his time at the U of R.

“My U of R experience taught me the value of hard work and friendship, something I have carried with me in my career,” says McIntyre.

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